Friday, October 1, 2010

Annual October Extravaganza

And now, the mayhem begins.
But it is a good mayhem.  The kind that makes you want to tuck away your worries and cares.  Put them in your top drawer just for this month, and enjoy life.  To kick it off, we had our annual party.

I don't know what it is, but no one ever seems to come.  Just one family.  Every year.  I think next year actual invitations (rather than word of mouth) are in order.  I made way too much food, expecting more people than actually came.  And guess what, it was still a success.
On the menu, we had popcorn balls, cupcakes, molasses cookies, apples, candy (of course) and wassail.  We watched Ichabod while munching on the goodies.  Perry Como narrated that show, did you know?  And how creamy is his voice?  With a sigh I want to be transported back to the era of The Rat Pack.  To be wooed by cream and butter voices that talk so slowly and significantly could really do something to fix those cares and worries that currently reside in the drawer at the back of my closet..  When the show was over, we looked at the table and the magnitude of food was a little overwhelming.  I couldn't figure out how between the four of us (two adult women fighting the eternal battle with the pre pregnancy jeans and two toddlers who would rather play than eat) we could put a dent in that bounty.
And then we remembered the Halloween Ghost!  We made up a few plates,
made a few signs, and then went out into the 90* heat (still waiting to welcome that elusive Fall ) to doorbell ditch the goodies. 

 Something I am wanting to do at least once a month now.  The excitement and joy on those boys' faces as they rushed away from the doors made me smile and want to do anything to keep that look permanently etched there.

Nap time then ended the festivities with much kicking and screaming on both sides.  Faye had a trial run of cupcake in preparation for her birthday cake.  I think she liked it!
And this weekend is General Conference.  That in and of itself would make this month memorable.  I am so excited to hear the words of a prophet of the Lord!
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