Saturday, October 16, 2010

Amidst the comatose ramblings, there is a winner.

I am tired.  It is nearly three and I am still up.  So much for the 10:30 bedtime I was shooting for. 

Today has been a hard day.  After four poopy accidents in his undies, my house smells horrible (can't find the source, other than it is in the bathroom) and I am ready to put Keith back in diapers.  But I figure I need to give it another week or so, right?

I put Faye down for a nap this morning, then put a movie on for Keith and decided to take a shower.  Except the caulking around the base is coming off, so we are currently all in bath mode.  And I don't mind.  Except for when I fall asleep in the tub.  Like I did today.  The phone ringing woke me up and Keith was still watching his movie, and Faye was still sleeping sweetly in her bed.  I think the same thing will probably happen again tomorrow (which is actually today). 

But I couldn't go to bed.  I had to finish sewing the super cape/poncho.  And my sewing takes at least 30 times longer than the average person.  And when I have to sew by hand, that takes even longer.  But I am done and so excited.  And then I had to wrap all his gifts. 

Brown paper packages tied up with string anyone?

And then bake his cake so I could freeze it so I could frost it super easy tomorrow with no crumbs.  And while it was baking I needed to clean only my feet decided they had enough and went on strike.  But I will tell you about my cursed leg later.

The whole point of this post is to tell you that the birthday preparations are done.  Except for frosting his cake.  Today as we were talking about it, he told me he didn't want a spider cake anymore.  He now wants a Wolverine cake.  And since my birthday is next week, I get the Rock man cake.  Too bad he doesn't get his fantasy.  He gets a spider web cake, and I get a pumpkin pie, and that is the way it is.

But really, that is not the point.  The point is not even to keep you in suspense.  I am just doing that by accident because I am so tired.  To find the winner of the Boo block, I went to  I wanted to post a screen shot and everything, but they wanted my credit card and $5 so I decided no.  But they chose number 4.  So I asked Jeffrey to pick a number between 1 and 11, and guess what?  He picked 4.  So, Cherie, you are the lucky winner!  Email me your address so I can get this sent out to you tomorrow.  At least I am shooting for tomorrow.  I mean today. 

And since this post is so vapid, here is a photo to liven things up.

And if any of you stayed with me this whole tired mess of a time, good for you!  I am impressed. 
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