What I Did on My Blogging Vacation

Do you remember when you were in Elementary school and the first day of school back, you were asked to write a paper on what you did over your vacation.  I always found that somehow unfair, as I didn't know I would be graded on the amount of fun I had.  Since I just got back from an unintentional blogging break, I feel compelled to do the same.  However, mine will be full of more than just "I watched some tv and played outside."

First, Faye has been making me laugh a lot.  She loves climbing in things and sitting.  Cupboards, boxes, baskets, tables, etc.  She will play climbing in and out for a good hour or two. 

I found a pair of overalls in Faye's things that said they were size three. How fun to dress the kids alike, I thought!  Faye didn't think it was all that great, but Keith loved it.

Even though he does look sulky, he really liked me taking the pictures, and look how adorable he is!
Last Friday the Autumn was in my blood, and I just had to get out and see some.  So I took the kids up to Park City, mainly for the drive.  They loved it!  We just walked around and oohed and aahed at the mountains.
"Mommy, there is a fire on the mountains!" I whipped my head around to see, and had to laugh.  He was pointing to all the beautiful leaves that my lousy camera couldn't capture.  It was breath taking.
When we finished there, we decided to drive just a little bit further to Heber City to see the trains.  We were a little disappointed to learn there was no museum or anything else, but a few abandoned cars on the dead line which we got permission to play on.  But for a little kid, that is a million times better than a museum! 

If you look closely in this photo, you can see Faye trying her darndest to crawl over the edge and onto the tracks (about a three foot drop)  I had to drop the camera and run to catch her.  So glad it didn't break!

And getting a photo with all three of us in it didn't work out so well.  Someone was squirming, or the wind was not cooperating, so this was the best we could do.

Monday was preschool again.  It was Red Day.  I read Little Red Riding Hood and every time I said the word Red the kids raised their hand and got a treat.  We then went outside and played Red Light Green Light and Red Rover.  We then went inside and made little Super Apple guys and ate Jello-Jigglers.
Please excuse the pregnant looking bump on this dress.  It was my maternity dress so there is lots of bunching material due to lack of baby belly.  It just happened to be the only red thing I own.  I am not pregnant.  :)

And this is a photo of Jeffrey being my Knight in shinning armor.  I had left the lights on in the car, but was exhausted and didn't want to go out and turn them off.  He was already ready for bed, so I handed him my skirt and shirt that were laying on the chair, and he went out like that.  My hero!

Due to insecurities of my hubby, he insisted I remove the photo of him.  Too bad, he looked H-O-T!!!

And that is why I haven't been around.  I should be back now.  I hope.


Lourie said…
Oh wow! He is totally awesome. Hahaha. Truly a man. :)
Susan Anderson said…
You are such a fun mom, Amy. And your husband is a great sport!

What fun!!!! You inspire me :) I need to do so much more w/my critters like you do w/yours.
Emmy said…
First and last pictures are the best. First because it is so cute, last because it is so darn funny!
Jenny said…
Amy, you are just beautiful...inside and out! Every picture here made me smile!

I miss those young mother days. Thanks for letting me remember them through your lovely posts.

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