Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Teach Me

I was always told that you learn the most from children.

I learned something awesome from Keith.  I have been very impressed with that little guy.  The thing that impresses me the most is his love and willingness to forgive.  Sometimes he gets into trouble, like all little boys should.  Sometimes I yell at him.  I don't mean to, it just happens.  And then he starts to cry, and runs to me with open arms.  Me.  The person who was just yelling at him.  The person who just got him in trouble.  Me.  And he cries in my arms, snuggling as close as he can for the comfort from his favorite person.  That melts my heart.  I think of how often trials seem to drown us and how we sometimes turn our back on our Heavenly Father.  Watching Keith helps me through my trials.  I wish I had the words.  I wish I could be eloquent, but I cannot explain it.  I am just so humbled and grateful that I can learn so much from my dear child.  What a wonderful example that little guy is for me.
I wonder if garbage men realize that there are little boys, in the early morning light, all over the world, standing in their pajamas, in awe, watching the great big machinery do its job.  A happy dance ensues when the truck pulls up to their curb.  Or maybe it is just my boy.

Today Keith got a treat.  His grandparents picked hi up and took him to the fire station.  Unfortunately I didn't get to go, but from the pictures my mother took, he had a great time!


And who better to teach you to have fun than a child?
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