Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Once Upon A Bedtime

Bedtime has become quite the ordeal in the past few days.  I am not sure why, but it is.  For example, immediately after closing his door Keith began to loudly protest at his door.  A rhythmic and methodical pounding accompanied by his heart wrenching manipulation that he has perfected over the last three-ish years.

"Mommy!  I need you!  I love you, Mommy.  Please come help me."
But I am strong.  I am sitting on the couch with my throbbing (but healing) ankle propped up, watching The Biggest Loser and eating a bowl full of no bake cookie crumbs.  Thoughts of achieving my goals make me choke on the chocolaty goodness, yet when the bite is swallowed, defiantly, I take another.  Ironic?  Probably.  But I can stop anytime I want.  :)

And then, tonight, amidst all the bedtime drama, Keith stepped in and saved my waistline.  Makes sense since I have been at war with it since I got pregnant with the boy.

A scream.  "Mommy!  Help!"  So, I limped down the hall, and found him laying in front of the door.  "I don't want to go to sleep."  he said calmly.  Silly boy.  After kisses for the millionth time, and assurance that he will feel better if he sleeps, and if his tummy does indeed hurt sleep will help it feel better, he finally settled down.  Two hours after the initial tuck in.

And yet, for Faye, bedtime is cake. When she starts rubbing her nose, I know she is ready.  I change her diaper, kiss her inviting chubby cheeks several thousand times, and then lay her in her bed with the orange blanket.  And just like that, she goes to sleep.
Maybe it is because she doesn't talk yet, maybe it is because I am still the law in her big gray eyes.  Regardless of why, I will cherish every bedtime with her... until she is three-ish. 

When Faye sees the camera, she poses like this.  With a wink and a smile.
That is when bedtime became the ordeal for Keith.


Lara Neves said...

Bedtime is my least favorite time as a mother. I tell my kids I'm done being a mom at 8:30 and they had better not come down! But, they still do, and I still have to be their mom. But I don't like it after 8:30. :)

Love Faye's little wink. Too cute!

Francisca and Chris said...

Bed time and tots don't mix!!!!! But bed time and babies in my house is a beautiful thing :)

Seriously I've been trying to comment since Monday. I can't believe Keiths little foot. I hope he is feeling better.

Your Green day looks like too much fun... is there a color for crazy b/c that is what my house is everyday of the week.

Terra said...

oh bed time. I wish I could say it was all quiet and peaceful around here...but it is not. usually.

Susan Anderson said...

Be strong, Mama. You deserve your down time!


Heather said...

Rowan has been having issues with it as well. I think it started when we bought the house - his schedule got all screwed up cause we would be working at the house til 2 or so in he morning, and then we'd wake him up and haul him back to the rental for the rest of the night. Now he is getting up later, napping later, and going down for the night later. And he is so much more emotional about it! :0( Wondering if Monsters Inc has anything to do with it. He seems to look at closets a bit differently now.

Em said...

Just when you get them figured out, they change.

Emmy said...

Just keep going! We turned Lucas' doorknob backwards and locked it from the outside and then just didn't go back in unless there was some true need. Eventually it worked and then we could enjoy our evenings as we weren't chasing him back into bed.

Lourie said...

I hate bedtime too. And with the age difference the way it is it starts at 7:30 and ends at 9. Ugh.