Friday, September 3, 2010

My Month Crush

It is happening again.  And I just can't stay indoors.  Something just gets into your blood, screaming for the sweet smell of the outdoors.

So, yesterday we went to the zoo.  Perfect weather for playing outside. 

My sister in law met us there.  Perfect company.

We then went to her house to wait for Jeffrey to get off work.  While there she gave me a ton of bows for Faye. 

Which makes me happy, because for some reason, people think my little Faye is a boy.  The weirdos.  I can't figure out why they would think that, but they do.  So, until her hair is longer, she will always have a cute bow in her hair... and thanks to Ashlee, she now can.  Yay!

Obviously, September has sprung.  I am somewhat excited to note that I am not the only one who has a crush on this month.  And Monday is supposed to be down right chilly.  Oh bliss!  And that smell is in the air again.  Do you remember it?  I sure do.  Tomorrow is when it all begins.

Nachos, yelling, dirt, grass stains, and oh that sweet jubilation of winning.  Football is certainly in the air again.  And I am certainly ready for some excitement.

Speaking of excitement, my book and magazine came today. 
 I ordered this book for Keith in July.  It never came and it never came.  Three emails to the seller later, and a bad review, and I still haven't gotten it.  Or a refund (I am slightly miffed about the whole ordeal).  I finally ordered it from Amazon directly.  And it was greeted with such joy!  We have already ready it numerous times.  And the magazine.  Oh that magazine!  It just made my day perfect.  Like a smile in the mail. 
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