The Lost Arts

Growing up, doing chores was a big part of my upbringing.  It sort of had to be, coming from a family of nine.  When there are a lot of people, there is generally a big mess.  So we were taught the fine art of work.  And our dishwasher rarely worked, so dishes were usually washed by hand.  I remember hearing one of my brothers teasing my parents that we didn't need to get a new dishwasher, they just needed to have another kid.
As and adult, I see what a wonderful thing it was I was taught to work and work hard.  When we complained about doing our chores my mother would often sing a hymn to us:

"The world has need of willing men who wear the worker's seal.
Come, help the good work move along;
Put your shoulder to the wheel.

"Put your shoulder to the wheel push along,
Do your duty with a heart full of song,
We all have work; let no one shirk.
Put your shoulder to the wheel."

I want my children to learn the value of work.  Also, to learn the value of budgeting and how to spend money.  I think those two things are greatly neglected now days.  People think they can get by on charm and a smile, and don't have to put in a lick of good old fashioned work.  And money will always come from the skies, no matter how you spend it.  And then one day they wake up drowning in debt, and are so unhappy because they did not learn the pleasure of work.  I declare that my little chidlers will never be accounted with those people.

And so, I made some jars for my Keithy.

Going off an idea from my sister in law, I am going to teach both values at once.  When we go to the store and Keith wants a toy, I will buy it for him.  But then he cannot have it until he earns it.  A nickle for each chore completed.  A nickle for the bed being made.  For teeth being brushed.  For being obedient.  For listening, etc.  When he has earned enough, we will go through the money, set aside 10% for tithing, 10% for savings, and then he can spend the rest on his toy.  This way, my little one will know what it is to work.  He will know what it is to earn his own money, and he will know how to save it.

Speaking of work....

For some reason, it seems when there is much to be done, I feel overwhelmed and daunted, so I don't do any of it.  I avoid the project like it is infested with the galloping bubonic plague.  Bad habit, I know.  Making me slightly hypocritical, I know.  And so, since today is supposed to be uber nice outside (not going to break 70*) I am going to tackle my Goliath of work.

The car port.  I am going to at least get started on it.  I cannot guarantee I will complete it, but beginning is half the battle, right?  *le sigh*  I only wish I could embrace the whole work ethic better.  I know I will love it when it is done, as I am loving my patio.  But the whole getting started bit is the hard part.  And throwing memories away is the even harder part.  But I will be strong and purge!  Look at me go.

Hopefully tomorrow I will have some awesome photos of a clean carport.  And if not, I blame this awful cold that has us all chained to a roll of toilet paper, and hovering near our beds.  I will tackle it before the 19th, though, as that is my mock anniversary, and getting it all cleaned is my gift to my hubby.  Cheap, maybe.  But it is something that needs to be done, and he doesn't want to do it, so that is my gift to him.  Budget happy.


Lara Neves said…
We have just instituted a savings/ tithing program, too!

Cute jars. :)
Anonymous said…
Bless you Amy! If more parents were like you and instilled a hard working spirit in their children, maybe our society would be a little easier to cope with. Can't wait to see how Keith does with the jars.
Susan Anderson said…
Those jars are darling!

Emmy said…
Good for you! And yes kids do need to learn the value of work.

Can't wait to see the progress you make
GL w/getting stuff organized before the rain! I think your chore cans are awesome. It reminds me of a book: Parenting w/Love and Logic. I need to start this w/Harmon!
Em said…
I am a casualty of the lost art of cleaning. It is a travesty. I try to find the humor in it bc if not I might feel badly about myself!!! Sheltered. It's a miracle the lord taught me how to budget.

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