Monday, September 6, 2010


Dear Santa,
I would like to submit an application to substitute for Rudolph this year.  I hear he needs a break and is getting rather old.  My nose is currently preparing for that foggy Christmas day as we speak.  I would include a letter, but all the photos I took don't do it justice.  Just believe me when I say, I could give Rudolph a good run for his money right now... and Christmas is still 3.5 months away!  I am sure by the time Christmas arrives, my nose will be the reddest thing around, courtesy of this lovely cold.  My lips have also developed into a lovely shade of chapped red which could be marketed as a lipstick color.  Just in case the elves need a little inspiration.

Yours Truly,
Amy the Red Nosed Cold Casualty.


Dear Mother Nature,
I heard you are planning a thunder storm for Wednesday.  That makes me giddy.  However, I know how sometimes you like to throw surprise showers just to keep us on our toes.  If this is your plan, as a special favor to me, please hold off the storm until Wednesday.  No early surprises.  See, I have been working my tail off trying to get my car port cleaned out.  Which I did today.

I would be so proud of myself were it not for the fact that 3/4ths of what I cleaned out is now sitting in the driveway and on the grass.  I need to get everything else sorted and stored before a hobo decides to make his home out of the palace of cardboard boxes supporting the side wall.  I will get it done tomorrow, only please promise to hold off the rain that long!  And then by all means, I will be ready to watch the rain/thunder symphony and light show.  I am requesting a very dramatic show.  And long please.  These teaser shows that have only lasted fifteen minutes are getting a bit old. 

Amy the Unprepared

Dear Peter Pan,
I don't know how to tell you this, but unfortunately your reign of the Lost Boys is coming to a rapid end.  A new ruler of Never Land is up and coming. 

This morning Keith entered my room.  Very dramatically and with many foot stomps to emphasize his point he defiantly said "Mommy, I am not growing up.  I want to stay little always.  I don't want to be big."  And sadly, this boy is a fighter, and usually can hold out until he gets what he wants. 

Tragic for you, this mom is in full support of his decision, and will love every second of it.  I hear there are openings in Munchkin Land if you need a new place to go.  Good luck with your life plans!

Amy (initial carrier of Peter Pan Syndrome)
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