Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Just a Few Points

  • I believe the old art of canning is on its way to lost.  So I am doing my part to revive and continue it.  Monday my mother taught me to can tomatoes.  I am looking forward to Grandma's homemade tomato soup all winter long.  Mmmm-mmmm good!       

  •  Each summer I get hoof heels.
    Not exactly my foot, but a very fair representation of it.
    It is an unfortunate occurrence that I have tried many times to fix.  Lotion, socks, pumice... you name it, I have tried it.  I recently learned a trick that could solve my problem.  Stirdex.  Rub it on the hoof heels, slather liberally with lotion, and then put socks on to seal in the moisture.  I am on day two and already the results are phenomenal.  Yay!   
    Not exactly my feet.  But they are getting there.
  • I am slightly embarrassed to admit I have worse skin right now than I did as a teen.  I don't get it.  I thought my skin should have cleared up by now.  I look like a greasy 13 year old who eats far too much pizza.  So, as a last result, that Stridex is working double duty.  Hopefully it will fix it, because no one wants to be thirteen again.
  • I finally got the patio cleaned off, and it is ready for dinner.                   
    It is beautiful!  I spent the whole day cleaning.  I am now exhausted.  Really.  But it is a good kind of exhausted, you know?  Lots of satisfaction of a job well done.  I can now spend more time in the backyard without guilt ensuing my soul with what I needed to be doing.  Guilt free back yard! 
    Now, however, every time I see my car port, the guilt is there.  So I just close my eyes as I pass through to the backyard.  I will work on the car port next week.
  • Jeffrey is sick.  The poor guy has a low grade fever, cough and scratchy throat.  Which is sad, because most likely it means at least one other person in the family will catch it, if not all.  But what can you do, really?
Zoo tomorrow.  Keith and I are excited.  We are going to meet my sister in law and her kids.  I love wearing my kids out.  They will nap so well afterward.  Perfect.


mub said...

Your patio looks awesome! I'm mildly jealous of all that space =)

My feet are the same way. I've found that "Heel Balm" and Kerosel work really well too. Sometimes you can find really good coupons for them if you look too.

I hope Jeffrey feels better soon!

Gina said...

Loving the patio. I love, love, love eating outdoors!

Susan Anderson said...

My family spent many years sick most of the time. It's part of the joy...

As for your heels, another great thing is bag balm.

And Proactiv has made my kids very happy.


Francisca and Chris said...

I hope Jefferey feels better... that is what I have right now as well.

One day hopefully we will live close to you and you can teach me this fine art of canning and I can teach you the fine art of homemade pedicures ;)

Emmy said...

Great job on the porch. My heels totallyget the same way! I will totally have to try that

Jenny said...

Love the brick wall. That is quite charming. Thanks for the heel tip. Mine can get pretty bad...not as bad as the top but never, ever as good as the bottom picture.

Em said...

I love a weekly foot scrub with my $1.99 scrubber:-)

Gina said...

After making the patio look like that, I think a day at the zoo is well deserved!

Ames said...

Hi's me...the other Ames :)

Just dropping by to check out your blog. Boy you seem busier than a one arm paper hanger!

I too have dry cracked heels. My nail tech said I didn't have them when I was working and that's because I always wore socks and boots. Now I live in flip flops 24/7 so I have to really work at keeping my heels looking decent. My budget only allows a pedicure once a month now that I am retired, so I switch back and forth between several products.."heel of approval" that I picked up from Bath and Body Works, "Heel Tastic" (one of those "seen it on Tv" products, it stinks but works) and "Peppermint &Tea Tree Foot Polish" from Sensaria. Also use a Pumice stone and one of those dead skin files. Everyone in Florida has cracked heels! I never walk bare footed anywhere! Not even in my house!I am currently looking into making my own homemade olive oil sugar scrub too!

Also wanted to say, don't be down in the dumps about your skin girl. God made each of us unique. Just think how boring it would be, if everyone were the same. I am 53 years old and I STILL break out. I use "Proactive" and it has worked the best for me!

My mom taught each of us girls to can. I haven't done it in years but would love to start back doing it again. It would be nice to put up the seasonal stuff for winter time.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Come see me again sometime. I will be eventually posting some of my Halloween deco's .

Your children are adorable. God Bless!~Ames