Green Day...Not The Band

Keith is of the stubborn variety.  The kind where if he feels pushed to do something, even if he wants to do it, he will do the exact opposite.  He is stubborn and doesn't like to be dictated to.  Which makes teaching him a bit of a challenge.

Talking to my next door neighbor who also has a little boy Keith's age I learned she was having the same problems.  Particularly with colors.  Evidently both our boys knew their colors, but liked to guess to frustrate us, guessing every color but the correct one when we asked "What color is that?"

To remedy the problem I started quizzing him with M&Ms.  He was catching on wonderfully, but my neighbor and I decided to join forces and teach our sons together. 

And that is how our little preschool was started.

Yesterday was Green Day.  They had so much fun playing with each other.  Keith's favorite part was drawing with green shaving cream.

Last week we did Orange day, but I forgot to take pictures.  At any rate, it was a smash hit, and more importantly, they now know the colors of green and orange very well.

 Mixing up a green smoothie.



tinahead81 said…
what a fun idea!! i have a stubborn one too...must be a boy thing!!
Susan Anderson said…
How fun is that?

Great idea, Amy!

Jenny said…
I still do this with our youngest Grand. I think she messes up on purpose, too! ha!

Have you seen the Alpha-Bit cereal boxes in at Target?

I bought several boxes to help her with her ABC's and she is having a great time with them.

If you can't find them there, let me know and I'll send you a few!
Emmy said…
How fun! So nice to have a group like that.
Heather said…
it's so fun. good on you two for coming up with this great idea!
Lourie said…
My son would not do the shaving cream idea. Personally I love it. All three of my kids are weird about touching things that make their hands messy. hahaha.
Terra said…
How cool are you guys! That is super fun

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