Fragmented Thoughts

Keith has discovered the wonderful world of arts and crafts.  I love that he asks several times a day if he can craft.  A boy after my own heart.  :) 

Oh the sweet joy on his face!  When I see how much fun he is having my heart just goes pitter patter.

Keith discovered the outrageous party in your mouth when you eat the delicious chubby southern cousin of chocolate; Nutella.

Bathtime used to be a necessary evil around my house.  That was until we stopped by the dollar store and found these great foam cut outs.  Keith begs for bath time now.  I should have made this discovery a long time ago.
And now for the real stuff.  Things have been... for lack of a better word, rough.  But that word doesn't do it justice.  It isn't really rough, but... something.  At any rate, the strain of ... life has been felt by both Jeffrey and myself.  In order to help him have something to smile about tomorrow at work, I prepared a little gift in honor of our anniversary-ish.  I made his lunch, and while he was taking care of some things, I put together a little sumthin.'   A total gag gift.  And then, he told me he had a barbeque at work tomorrow.  So much for my plan of slipping this in with his lunch.  So, I gave it to him a little early.  A few days early, but it was greatly needed now.  And had the desired effect, so all is good.


And here is a picture that just made me laugh.  How is it fair that my kids are the cutest in the world?.



Susan Anderson said…
Your kids really ARE some of the cutest ever. Those smiles just melt the heart.

Happy Gramma said…
I love your pictures!!Your kids are darling! Isn't it great when you start seeing your kids liking to do the things you like to do? Mine are grown now, but every week it seems that I dicover that they are pursuing the things I like. We have so much fun, doing it "together" and comparing notes!
If you have the time, come visit me
Brittany said…
I LOVE the pictures of your kids! TOOOO cute!
Can I send you my children to do craft with? I have no patience for it, and they have a strong desire. Or, at least 1 of them does!
Emmy said…
Crafts really are so fun! Much better than driving cars and trucks around...again :)
I didn't even know AOL existed still! I am SOOOO going to the dollar store for those decorations! If we do move I tell you Keith and Harmon are going to be such partners in crime... wohee... we will need to watch out :o

Life goes in cycles. As the scriptures say you have to feel the bad to know the good. (((HUGS))) as you endure the bad and :) for when the good will inevitably follow!!!!
Kaibee said…
How is it fair that you have the cutest blog in this world?? I have always been a great fan of ysour blog and a greater fan of your babies!! Faye's eyes are like Marbles! So beautiful, almost like ones they describe in novels! :) And those long lashes! OMG!
And finally now that I have my internet fixed I'll be a witness to your babys' cuteness more often! I should consider my self lucky!

And after coming to Canada I discovered the great landmark known as dollar store! OMG.. the best place ever! :P
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Lara Neves said…
There's nothing like Nutella! That's for certain!

And I'm totally laughing at your AOL gift. Hilarious!
Your kids are adorable! Nutella is sounding really good right now.

What a gift!
Anonymous said…
Is it just me or does Keith look like Winnie the Pooh? Except his hand is in the nutella jar instead of the honey jar. Too cute!

And this too shall pass. We can't appreciate the good without going through the bad. I will pray that this period doesn't past long and that you have learned whatever God has written down in His lesson plans.

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