Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Why Food Storage Is So Important

Budgeting, who needs it?

Evidently I do.

I pulled out my box of reciepts today and attempted to go over our expenses.

Good thing the kids were in bed, and I was working on a full stomach.

And then the doorbell rang.  Salesman.  Got to see my messy documents and receipts all over the floor living room.  I kindly told him I get my magazines for way cheaper than he could ever sell them, but good luck finding people born yesterday... okay, I didn't tell him, but I thought it.  I did tell him about the sweet deal I found last year on Amazon for some of my favorite magazines for $5.  That was pretty sweet.  And he was pretty disappointed.  But such is life among the cheapskates frugal.

And then Keith woke up.  Walking out of his room and down the hall, he said rather loudly "Hi, Mommy!  I missed you."  Which melted my heart just a little until I realized he woke up Faye with his sweet loud voice.  But my heart was still melted as Faye squealed from her room.

So I tried to budget with the two of them climbing all over my legs, and the doorbell rang again.  This time it was another salesperson.  But she was cute.  She was from Estonia and looked very tired and thirsty.  I let her come in, and gave her a cold glass of water (I was a missionary in California.  I remember going door to door in the hot sun) and a plate of cookies I had made this morning.  I loved the children learning books she was selling, but they were expensive, and they were only sold in sets, so that didn't work out. 

I was very embarrassed with the condition of my living room, but I wasn't through logging my receipts and going over the budget.  And sometimes in order to get things done, messes have to be created.

I am proud to say, that after several attempts (four, to be exact) to get the books to balance, I had success.  Yay! 

Why is it so hard for the darn program (Quick Books) to make my accounts come out right? 

But the relief that flows through, just knowing that all my accounts are in order, and we have money, and I can get back to my budget makes me happy.

And if I don't stay on top of it, I go way over on my groceries.  Way over.  Which means, for the rest of the month, we eat food storage.  Good thing the month is almost over, hu?
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