Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Why 12 Will Come Too Soon

This is the beginning.

Keith's first overnighter.

He is spending the night with his grandparents and cousins.

I have to admit, I haven't done very well.

I called him shortly after he left.

He didn't really want to talk with me.

He is all grown up and stuff.

They are sleeping outside in the tent.

Without me.

I have been missing his cuddles, and his laughter, and basically him.

I am going to be a mess when he has to go away for scout camp.

Good thing he still has a couple of years yet.  10 to be exact.  Or nine and a half, rather.


Confessions of a PTO Mom said...

Today my baby is 7... 12 is closer than I think!

Susan Anderson said...

(I won't tell you how quickly they will pass...)


Gina said...

My mom watches my little man twice a week and I call every single day to check in. He rarely wants to chat and it breaks my heart just a little each time. ;)

Emmy said...

Actually the 11-year old scouts go on overnighters too... So 8 1/2 :). I am freaking out that Lucas is going to be baptized in two years.

Francisca and Chris said...

You are too cute! You make me feel a tad guilty that I think Harm's first sleepover away from home and me was at 6 mos :p I think it just shows what an awesome mom you are.

This does go too fast. I can't believe I'm planning the twins first birthday and that is it for babies... next thing I know it will be there graduation party :(

Gail said...

Oh I so know that feeling..... I'm a lot more used to it now when they stay at my sisters, but I do find myself thinking if they're ok and flicking the odd text to my sister!