Wednesday, August 25, 2010

"What are men to rocks and mountains?"

Or worries for that matter.

Last night I went to bed with visions of grandeur.  I was going to get up at six, get the house clean, do some crafting, and then go outside and play with the kids.

But as we all know, when trying to plan, and little kids are involved, they call the shots.

This morning I heard Keith's pitiful voice say "Mommy, it's all over me."

The words you never ever want to hear.

To make a long story short, thirty diapers, three baths, and a vat full of apple cider later, my sanity was hanging by a thread.  The sore bums caused extreme pain and screaming the whole day long.  For both the kids, and me.

I adore my kids.  Even amidst all the poop and tears.  I love them.  I felt so tired and worn down and extremely vulnerable.  But I am a soldier.    I have to keep on keepin on.  Because I am a mother, and that is what mothers do.

Jeffrey was in a good mood and decided it would be a great idea to start teasing me.

Not a good idea when I am loosing it.

With the kids climbing on me, clambering for my attention, Jeffrey teasing me and lots of laughing, the tears began.  I ended up in my room, curled on the floor in a ball, wishing the day away.

Which is when the magic struck.  Jeffrey swooped in, gathered the family, and took us away.  The children were left with their grandparents and the two of us went up to the mountains where the stress and worries melted away.

A touch of fall. 

Life blood flowing from the ancient rocks into my body, making me young and care free again.  

Trickling water from the nearby stream was like drinking from the mystical waters of youth. 

I am not being melodramatic, it is so true.  That is what the mountains do to me.

While running down the hill, my glasses fell off....

right under Jeffrey's shoe.

Now, I will just have to be blind when my eyes are tired.  So sad.  But good thing we got me some contacts a few months ago.  That was a close one!
And to finish my night, I came home to this on my bed.

The cat either was mad at me, or missed us terribly.

What an end to such a day.  So glad it is over.

Now tomorrow on the other hand... visions of grandeur, here I come!

And really, the mountains made it all seem not so bad.  Gosh, I love my mountains!  Heaven help us if we ever move away from them.
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