Sunday, August 29, 2010


Weekends are made to be stuffed.

At least that is what I think.

And that is exactly what we did this weekend.

Between going to the wedding and reception for one of our closest friends, dancing, home dates, old friends and dancing, we are so glad today is Sunday.

Friday we went to the Planetarium after Jeffrey got off work.  Keith was so impressed with some of the displays, he decided to imitate them.

"Mommy!  I am a lightning cloud!"  he said.  And then went "Bzzzz! Bang!  Boom!" and then flung himself onto the floor, pretending to be the rain falling out of the clouds.  Oh what an imaginative boy I have.

Saturday was spent making a gift for the reception.  I am rather pleased with the way it turned out, and can't wait to make one for us.  I found the tutorial here.  Of course, I like mine better, but that is probably because of the time I put into it.  I am so proud of those photos!  I took them myself.  I guess that is what happens when you arrive at the temple two hours early.  Plenty of time to take pictures.  My cousin took a photo of the temple the day we were married, and I cherish it a lot.  I wanted to give a gift that was just as heartfelt for our best friend.

We also got to meet up with one of our best friends after the reception and try out a new restaurant.  I am convinced if Faye were about 25 years older, Shem would want to marry her.  She adores him, and he is so good with her, and let's be honest, she is about the prettiest little thing on the planet!

Keith loves to imitate.  This morning he was rummaging through my drawers.  Jeffrey told him to get out, only Mommies wear things like that. 
Keith said he wanted to be a mommy so he could wear them. 
After a few minutes of arguing, I saw the object of discussion.

Since he had already torn a large hole in my fishnets, they are now his.  He thinks if he wears them, he is Spider Man.  Because it looks like a spider web all over him.  He is planning on wearing them for Halloween.  I am not sure if I am okay with that.  Around the house is one thing.  Around the neighborhood is another.

For lunch, we decided to take a picnic up in the mountains.  Faye has fallen in love with streams.  When we reached our destination, Keith took off his socks and shoes and began playing in the shiver inducing water.  Faye watched quietly for a few moments and the squirmed her way out of our arms.  She wanted to stand in the stream.  We kept pulling her out, trying to get her feet a little warm before putting her back in, but she would hear none of it.  In the water is where she insisted on being.  Every time we crossed a bridge, she just gazed over the edge, longingly staring into the shimmery brightness and exchanging pacts to return and play again.  My, that girl loves the water!

Keith turned into a frog.  He kept hopping from one rock to the other saying "Ribbit!  Ribbit!"  These are the days we will always remember.

For days like this, I am sad Summer is fading away.  There is so much more red and yellow in the leaves today than there was earlier this week.  Crazy what a few days will do.  But for all the traditions that are coming, I cannot wait!
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