Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sometimes we are grateful for a day when it comes, sometimes we are grateful for a day when it leaves.

Mornings usually make me happy.

They mean a new day.  "With no mistakes in it." (Anne Shirley)

And a new day today means yesterday will never be back again.

Which makes me happy.

Not that it was a bad day, just lots of little things happening to create lots of enmity between us.

Like Faye's digestion problems.  Diarrhea and my little girl are not a good combo.  (TMI?  Sorry.) 

Lots of little boys playing here was so fun for Keith.  But several broken glasses later, I found all my olive oil spilled on the floor and a few plates of food completely wasted.  These things don't make me happy.  I had to go into my bedroom and breathe deeply for a few minutes before heading back out to remedy the problem.

Keith decided instead of coloring he would eat the crayons.  By the time I got there the casualties were great and the other boys were wondering what they were going to color with.


I am so happy to have my little man back with me.  But quoting my mother here, sleepovers seem like a good idea until the next morning when trying to deal with a child who had not slept the whole night.  Yikes!


Em said...

Those are the days when tomorrow looks really good

Susan Anderson said...

Sleepovers with young kids, to my recollection, are rarely a good thing...

But this, too, shall pass.


mub said...

I'm not sure crayons would be my first choice for a snack, but maybe they're low calorie ;)

Francisca and Chris said...

Keith and Harmon could get into a lot of trouble together!

Emmy said...

:). Yes there is a reason kids go to bed early, it is good for us all