How I Tricked My Kids Into Pajamas

Last night Faye woke up in the middle of it (the night.  It just felt redundant to type it again).  When I picked her up her little legs were so cold.  Then it dawned on me.  The nights are getting colder.  No more will the kids be sleeping in just diapers with the windows open.  I mean, I am going to keep the windows open for the cool breezes, but pajamas must be worn.

Knowing this and implementing it are two completely different things when your children have minds of their own.  Faye wiggles away any time I try to dress her.  She will sit still in my lap unless I show even the smallest desire to change her clothes.  Keith fights tooth and nail.  He has loved sleeping "naked" aka in just his diaper. 

I don't want my kids to be cold, and I don't want to make a little thing into a huge ordeal.  So I tricked Keith.

I ran into his room with him chasing me.  I snuck his drawer open and whipped out his pajamas.  I held them up and he wailed "No!  I don't want to sleep in my pajamas."  I told him to look at the picture on his pajamas.  He did, and then looked at me quizzically.  I told him that Football is a fall game, and fall is when Halloween is.  I may never get him out of those pajamas again, now.  But he is so happy wearing them. 

And now, I am anxious for football season to start.  I had so much fun watching the games with Keith last year.  He loves football time.  We ate nachos and folded clothes.  We jumped and hollered and yelled at the teams.  It was so much fun!

But this year, I do not have cable television.  Which means I will not be able to watch the games.  Which is why I am concocting a plan.  We just moved into this area and are just now making friends.  I need to find a girl in this area who has cable television who also likes BYU so I can watch all the games with her.  I will bring the nachos and lots of enthusiasm if a television could just be provided. 


Noodle said…
I'm a mean mom and make my kids wear pj's every night... When sammy gets sleepy she asks for them... But it is hard in the summer cause I don't want them to get too warm and sammy don't like her summer pj's so she get a little warm at night...
Gina said…
My L LOVES his pj's. He insists on putting them on for naps!! LOL! The grass is always greener, right?
Susan Anderson said…
Sounds like a good plan!

Keith is so cute! Harm is in the mood these days where he doesn't want to wear clothing period :p so there is a lot of trickery going on in our home too.

B/c my kids are part Puerto Rican though and their mother is even more Puerto Rican they are always forced to wear nightgowns at night. If it goes below 85 there is a cold front going on ;)
Emmy said…
Have I told you I like you? Because the end of this post made me really really like you :). I would so be that BYU fan with you.
Em said…
I bribe my toddler. The end.

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