Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy Cat, Sad Cat

If I were to write a children's book, it would go something like this.

See the cat?  The cat is happy!  The cat found a mouse.  The mouse looks happy.  The cat and the mouse play together.  I am sad.  The mouse was in my cupboard.  I am happy.  Daddy catches the mouse.  The cat is sad.  The mouse is relieved.  Daddy catches the mouse in his shoe.  Daddy is sad.  Now what will he wear on his feet?  Daddy puts the mouse outside.  The cat is sad.  Who will she play with now?  Daddy gives the cat a toy.  The cat is happy!

Do you think it would sell?  Unfortunately, the story is completely non-fiction. It is a true story of our afternoon today.

To offset the mouse-capade, there was a delicious rain storm this morning.  And I got to play in it quite a bit.  I have to say, I have been insanely jealous of all the people in Salt Lake County.  They have been getting lots of rain, but all I have gotten were gray skies.  So not fair.  Until today when I woke up to the sweet sound of wind whipping rain hitting the ground. 

Which was a relief, I tell you.  Last night Faye didn't want to sleep.  I was trying to get her to stop playing because it was nearing 2 o'clock when I heard coughing from Keith's room.  I don't know why I assumed something was wrong, but I left the baby with Jeffrey and rushed into his room...

... to find him covered in vomit.  We spent the next thirty minutes fighting a screaming sleepy boy out of his vomit drenched pajamas and into a clean bath.  Stripping his bedding and washing it, and getting him back to bed.  When he is tired and wants to sleep, anything obstructing his path is met with window shattering screams. 

So, Faye is better (mostly) but Keith isn't.  He isn't holding much down.  But the weird thing is he has no fever, he acts normal, and though I ask him frequently he has no head or stomach pain at all.  He just has no appetite.  How do you fix a sick kid when you have no idea what is wrong?  So, the BRAT diet will be implemented tomorrow.

P.S.  I couldn't do it.  I didn't wait until September.  My fall decor went up today.  But I think I have a valid excuse.  We are trying to clean up our carport/patio of all the boxes from the move.  I figured the easiest thing to do would be to put the decorations up rather than find a place for them for the next two weeks.  And though it may seem odd to have it up that early, I am loving it!
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