Monday, August 23, 2010

The Great Delima

Quite honestly, I have been suffering from some serious writer's block.  For such a long time.  Since around February, I think.  I stare at the computer screen for such a long time, trying to put my thoughts into words.  Nothing comes.

I have been having some serious debates lately about even continuing this blog.  Mainly because of a documentary I saw.  It was about the dumbing down of our society due to so much technology.  And the lost art of reading and writing.

I want to spend more time with the little ones, I want to be able to disconnect myself from the net and live a more wholesome family centered life.  I feel I don't spend enough time focusing on teaching.

But then if I disconnect myself, I will be cutting myself off from the main stress relief in my life.

But then again my children need me.

And the house needs to be cleaner.  And not blogging would certainly help with the clean house, more time with the kids.

Its all about the distractions we allow into our lives.

And then again, friendship is important.  I crave the friendships I have made from blogging.

I think we are at a stale mate.  Possibly the writer's block could be a sign?

At any rate, no decisions have been made as of yet, but I am praying I will be able to write again.

On a happier note, I have a decorated kitchen for the first time.  Who would have thought that decorating a kitchen could cause so much happiness!  I figure, I spend the majority of my day in there anyway, I might as well make it pretty.

Wouldn't that make you happy too?
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