Ditching Guilt

Guilt has become my new best friend.

Not that I like having guilt around, but it has become my constant companion.

In order to rid myself of the all consuming feeling, I took the weekend off.

Thursday my neighbor and I took the kids to a splash park.  Hot sun + water squirting big toy = loads of fun.

On Friday we went to the Tracy Aviary.  Keith talked about it non-stop the rest of the weekend.  It really is such a nice place.  I think my favorite part was the owl flying right over my head.  Pretty awesome, that.

Later that night Keith and I went to the park and fed the ducks.  It was nice to have time with just Keith alone.  We don't do that often enough.  I think I need to go on a date with him alone once a week.  It was special being able to connect with him in that way.  He is growing up to be such a wonderful special boy!

Saturday was a busy day of cleaning and grocery shopping, and getting ready for the Sabbath.  But that night our friends came over and the boys played with Keith's toys while my friend and I watched Pride and Prejudice. 

Since his friend is already potty trained, he decided he wanted to put on his big boy undies to be like his friend.  He pulled off his jammies, and his diaper and came out all dressed.

Backward.  I laughed for a long time.  Even his undies were on backwards.  And his shoes were on the wrong feet.  Normally he gets his shoes right.  I guess it was backwards day.

Luckily, guilt has not been around for the past few days.  I am hoping I can keep it that way. 


CB said…
Kick Guilt in the butt and right out the door!!
Summer is fading fast take advantage!!!

The little man looks so cute how he dressed himself all up backwards - he is SO DAng Cute - the looks on his face - Gotta love it!!
mub said…
I love how impressed he looks with himself!
Emmy said…
That sounds like a great day. And seriously girl stop being so hard on yourself! You are an amazing mom even when life is crazy busy.

And love the backwards clothes.
Susan Anderson said…
Sounds like you had a wonderful day with the kids! And the one-on-one date idea is always a good one.

What a cutie with his backwards clothes.

You are being the best mom that you know how to be. Your kids know that, and so does everyone who reads your blog.
Kel said…
How Fun! Nothing like time off to kick out the guilt! I can tell they had a blast! (love backwards day!)
Em said…
Wait you started off saying you felt guilt but by the end I was admin myself why??? You are such a great mom doing all of that fun stuff and letting the little man wear his big boy undies. So cute.
Keith is such a charming cutie! I love his pictures, he is such a ham. I can't believe how big Faye is. She looks like you and Keith looks like Jeffery!
Gina said…
How cute are the backwards day photos? His expressions are priceless!
Noodle said…
I let Sammy dress her self and put stuff on backwards... we go out and I feel kinda funny with her walking around with her clothes all backwards and not matching but I don't want her to think that she is not doing something right... I want to encourage her independance so I even let her run around with her shoes on the wronge feet...I feel bad that we havn't been able to have another play date but we have been so busy these last two weeks...
Gail said…
Yeah guilt can take a hike!

That boy of yours is TOO CUTE!!
Trish said…
Congratulations Keith on your potty training, whenever that began! Hurray for big boy panties! Hee, hee I like calling them "panties" for girls or for boys! Heh, heh...

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