Monday, August 23, 2010

The Consequence of Kitchen Snobbery

When it comes to kitchens, I am very particular about what I like. 
I have learned I am not a fan of the L kitchen. 

The corridor plan drives me absolutely bonkers!

I think the perfect kitchen layout is the U.

You can be nice and cozy with everything around you, easy to see.  It makes cooking happier, and I think it makes for a brighter kitchen.  All the kitchens I have had in any other layout have been dark and dreary!

The kitchen I have currently is an L.  Annoying.  As I cleaned last night, I was irked with how little counter space I had.  I decided to do something about it.  Earlier that evening Jeffrey had joked about the microwave being used only for a clock.  It was funny because it was true.  Thinking back on that conversation, I decided to toss out the microwave.

Before you call me crazy, we are in a trial run right now.  We basically only used it to heat up water for hot cocoa, but a tea pot works better for that.  I am currently rejoicing in the amount of counter space I now have for cooking.  I think the kitchen looks a lot brighter and airier (see yesterday's photos).

We did have leftovers for dinner tonight, but it was so easy to toss them into a frying pan and heat them up on the stove.  I just stirred a lot, and it really wasn't a big deal.  I think I may be sold. 

Other happiness was the fact that it didn't get above 75* in my house all day today, and it wasn't even above 70* until around 4:00 P.M.  Talk about the perfect weather.  We spent a good chunk of the day in the coolness of the shade tree watching the afternoon lazily stretch into evening.  Books, sunshine, cool breezes and a perfectly blue sky are ingredients for the most lovely afternoon ever had.


Veronica said...

I'm not a fan of the L or corridor kitchen either. No matter what you do it seems like there is something or someone in your way!

Beautiful weather, sounds like a wonderful afternoon!

Laura said...

I have the L too and I hate it! I always tell my husband the one thing I specifically want in our next house is a huge kitchen with tons of cupboards and if I'm really lucky, a huge island! :)

The weather sounds beautiful there! Yesterday was in the 90s but today feels like a cool Fall day and I hate to wish Summer away, but it's kind of nice. :)

Susan Anderson said...

When our kitchen was smaller and we didn't have room on our counter for the microwave, we just kept it in our laundry room, but it could even be in the garage, near an outlet. That way, you can use it when you need to, but don't have to look at it sitting in the middle of our counter space all the time.


Emmy said...

My kitchen is a big U with a huge island right in the middle of it. I love it except for where my dishwasher is. When it is opened I can't reach the cupboards in the corner, which is where most of my dishes go.

CB said...

My kitchen is an "S" shape. Ha ha
So it is kind of a cross between a u-shape and a corridor.
My microwave is in my laundry room...things could be better!!

I think I could have lived without a microwave when the kids were small but just to give you a heads up not many teenagers can live without one - although you have a few years before you need to worry about that!

Lara Neves said...

I have a galley kitchen (corridor). I thought I would hate it when we moved here, but I actually like it better than my last kitchen, which was none of the above. And super annoying. So I don't mind.

Good luck on the microwave-free living! Whoever decided to put them up above the stovetops was truly a genius, they are definitely counter hogs!

Noodle said...

I grew up with an L so yeah thats what I was used I have an L but it has a really short bottom part of the L more like a lower case L... But I love that it opens up to my table and there is tons of room for my little ones to play at my feet...

Francisca and Chris said...

We have a triangle that faces the family room. It is really common in modern homes w/an Open Floor concept. I'm a HUGE fan of this b/c that way I can see the TV, the kids play, talk to people in the dining room, and still see the backyard.

Em said...

I love me a good island with open space:-)