Monday, August 2, 2010

The Circus Ate My Kitchen and Comments Return

Wo.  Marathon weekend.

I am beginning to laugh at myself for all the times I thought my life was full.

It was nothing compared to this.

Saturday we met with some super cute girls and they signed the lease to rent out our house.  Yay!  Today we bought some new counter tops and cabinets and I am excited for the paint, which I hope will be tomorrow.  I love decorating.  Absolutely love it.  I am always a little hesitant to paint the walls, but still excited about it.  The basement kitchen is so very dark.  So, since we have to remodel it, I want to go with some bright happy colors.  However, the only color of counter top available is charcoal.  So much for bright and happy, right?  So, I am thinking, robin's egg blue type color for the walls, and an antique white and distressed cabinetry.  Hopefully that will look nice.  I am actually really crossing my fingers that it will look nice.  Sometimes my visions look simply smashing in my head but in reality look like a drunkard got a hold of a paint can and went to town.  Or a circus threw up on my walls.  I am always afraid of that outcome.  But I have a lot of fun, and that is what matters, right?

Speaking of decorating, the coolest thing ever happened this weekend.  I was contacted by my favorite store (DownEast Home & Clothing) about working with them.  We are still working out exactly what that entails, but I am so excited for it.  And because they love me so much, they are giving me an adorable bistro set for two.  

Er, I have a one in 136 chance of getting it. You should check it out, because really, it is cool, and you will want it.  But remember, it is mine! (or one of the other people who enter the drawing for it)  so go check it out, hu?  Click this link.  You wont be sorry.  Seriously, have you ever been in that store?  The cutest skirts, shirts, jeans, dresses, and the like.  Beautiful.  Oh, and then the furniture.  Not too expensive and so very styling.  The next time I need furniture you better believe that is where I will be.

Faye is cutting a new tooth.  She bit me today.  And she may have to go to being bottle fed.  But hopefully not.  We will see.  I can be tough, right?

At any rate, we will all be pretty happy when the house is done.  The kids will be back on their schedule, and Jeffrey and I can spend some time together.  I am hoping for sometime this week.  Pictures will come of the kitchen with the great colors (still crossing the fingers).

And I am going to enable comments again.  I think I have detoxed myself from them now.  I should be good.  So, thank you for all the sweet emails from you, and the sweet thoughts.  Comments are back.  :)


Noodle said...

I think the kitchen should look really good... I'm excited to leave coments for you again I missed it in some strange way... With the biting if it keeps up flick there little cheek... They give you a dirty look and some times cry but after a few times they relise wait I bite mama and I get flicked... So maybe I wont bite... It worked with both Sammy and Ally...

Michelle @Flying Giggles said...

How exciting! I love decorating as well, too much fun.

I hear great things about Down East Outfitters...wish they would come to CA!

Em said...

Yay!!!!!! Oh happy day comments:-)

Andrea said...

I'm so glad you enabled comments again! I've read several of your posts and wanted to comment. Of course, I could have sent you an email know...

I think your plan for the kitchen sounds beautiful! I think all of the colors will look great together and be very light and cheery! Post pictures when you are done so we can see the finished proudct!

Veronica said...

I like the idea for the basement kitchen. I think it will look amazing once it's done!

*yay* for comments! I was all set to comment via email :)

Emmy said...

So happy that you found some good renters. And yeah I can comment again!!

Gail said...

And yay for comments being enabled again!
Good idea to detox though. I do wonder at times if they are all about ego-boosting! It's nice to encourage each other though.