Captian's Kitchen Log

Day 15

Painting is finally complete.  Next we will install the counter tops and cupboards.  After that is cleanup and then we will be done going to the house.

Plumbing acting up again.  Found a small leak in the shower.  Jeffrey whipped out the bathroom caulk and patched it up.

Tomorrow I get to start sorting through the "stuff" that is filling the car port and patio.  I want a dinner party/tea party but cannot until everything is put away.  I am going to be fighting against a very deep set pack rat gene.  But my desire for cleanliness is much deeper than the accursed gene.

Jeez, I will love to be able to blog about something other than my cleaning projects.  I think in years to come, my journal is going to be great for insomnia.  But I do want to remember these days, these moments.  They may be hard, they may be giving me wrinkles and white hairs, but they are precious.

I was reminded of just that this morning.  When I saw this video.  I admit, I cried.  It was exactly what I needed to hear.


Noodle said…
That was wonderfull Thank-you... I think I shall save that viedo and watch it at least once a week to lift my spirts...
Unknown said…
hi :) you left me a comment about re-upholstering...just curious what kind of chair you are trying to do...the only thing I have ever done was a simple wooden chair with one cushion... i know of a really great tutorial...i will try and find it for you! please e-mail at I can have your email address :)
Susan Anderson said…
Motherhood really is God's work. And I love it.

Em said…
It is such a good feeling one:-) def a good idea to watch it on a tough day.
Emmy said…
Oh I really do need To watch this everyday.
Chantel said…
Hey, if you're ever over at the house working and need to drop the kids off, I'd be glad to watch them!!!
Veronica said…
I think that is a message all of us mothers need to hear and take to heart. We are doing it for Him and His glory..

Hope the rest of the remodel project goes smoothly!

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