Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Battle Wounds

 It seems the only thing that has been on my mind lately is the end of this week.  The time when the house should be finished and life should resume the semblance of normalcy that once was there. 

Today as we dashed to the hardware store (again) and back to the house and encountered many problems which have caused set backs, I began to think of the fairness of it all.  We need to get this project finished.

But do we really need that more than our kids need their parents?  Or more than our kids need sleep?  Every waking moment Jeffrey is not at work we are at the house with the kids visiting their grandparents.  We get home and put the kids to bed around 11 each night.  And then we start all over again the next day.  And I am feeling so guilty about it.  So I remind myself that it will only be for a few more days, and then I can love them and squish them to bits with all my spare time.  Instead of them following me around saying "Mommy, " I will be following them around until they tell me to go away.  Because I miss them so much.

Tonight when we got back to pick up the kids Keith attacked me with big hugs.  He hung onto me as he told me about the fun he had had and all the things he had done.  Faye was asleep but shortly after woke up when she heard me talking.  I picked her up and when it was time to put her into her car seat she clung to me with her heels.

And as I write this Keith is beginning to cough something terrible.  And I am wracked with pain and guilt of the selfishness of it all. 

So I will go back tomorrow and see if I can't get it all done. 

Well, I can't really because the wall has to be repaired and one of the cabinets we just bought is broken so I have to return that.  But if I can get the other cabinets painted and the completely intact walls painted, all will be well.  We will be on schedule for completion Saturday.  As is our goal.  Wish us luck!


Susan Anderson said...

Oh, dear. Sounds like he might have that awful cough my grandkids had at the beach house. Not one of the people who caught it got over the cough without an antibiotic, so if you can tell it's going that direction, don't delay. Those who went on it earlier had a much shorter duration.

As for the project(s), it's only for a short time. Your kids will weather it just fine...and appreciate you all the more (and you, them)!


Noodle said...

I totaly understand the every waking hour working on the house... We did that last Novemeber on our kitchen with the kids hanging on us... It was so hard to devote time to the house and time to the kids but it is worth it once it all done... Just don't do it all the time once this project is finished take a good break before you start another huge project (if you can)

Veronica said...

Wow that is a lot to work with, no wonder you are filled with guilt. It's okay though. Get it done and you will be back with your kiddos in no time. Plus, they ARE having fun with the Grandparents :)

Can't wait to see the after pictures!

Emmy said...

Yes your kids will totally forgive you and not even remember this. I had to remind myself of this daily when Ryder was in the NICU.

Good luck!