The Run Away Train I Call Life

Life seems to be running at break neck speed, dragging me along behind it.  I scarcely have time to catch my breath these days.

Over the weekend we had a family reunion.  When the pools were pulled out for Water Kickball, much to the dismay of a team who wanted to win, Keith instantly set himself up as the first baseman.  He jumped into the pool with all his clothes, socks and shoes on.  After a little while, he asked an uncle to undress him so he could play without those pesky clothes getting in the way.  Hello sunburned shoulders and back!

That night we had a barbecue to attend and while playing on the deck, he got a nasty splinter in his toe.  I discovered this as I was helping him get ready for bed.  We pulled out the tweezers and tried to get it out.  After 15 minutes of screaming and squirming, we gave up and decided to soak the toe in the bath in the morning to see if that would help it.  But the damage had been done.  Getting him into bed was a hurculean effort.  He cried and screamed.  Finally I asked him what was wrong, and he sobbed into his pillow "You don't love me anymore."

Talk about cutting someone to the quick!  I wanted to cry right along with him.  When we finally convinced him we do indeed still love him, I tried to go again.  And was again detained. 

"But Mom, I need you."
"Why, Keith?"
"Because I love you."

How can you argue with that?

Faye has also been having her comming of age moments.
She has decided she is through mashing food with her gums and looking like an old lady.  She is growing teeth.
Which means a very difficult time for all of us as she is in pain and screaming, and I am giving her ice cubes wrapped in washcloths, and lots of cold things, and hugs, and a messy house, and neglecting Keith all because she wants to be able to bite things.
But I think the worst is over.  She seems happier today, so I believe the tooth cut through.  I am just not looking forward for the rest of her mouth to fill with teeth.

And finally, Keith got a hair cut last night.

I love his hair long.  I think he looks adorable with it.  More like a little boy.  But he has so much of it!  I know it was contributing to him being hot all the time.  I just wanted to help a little.

He now looks like a very handsome little boy who belongs to someone else.


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