My Spirit

Either I am losing my mind, or ghosts haunt me. 

Not the houses I live in, but me.

The only times I have not been haunted in my life was growing up in my parent's house (I moved out when I was 18) and living with my sister in CO.  Every other house and apartment I have been in has had tale-tell signs of a ghost.

For example.  While moving everything into this great house we are staying in for a year, I decided to hurry and get all the laundry done.  I spent a day of washing clothes.  I then realized we didn't have enough hangars for everything, so I put about three loads into two baskets and one box.  Our church clothes were in those baskets/box.

This morning we got up to get ready for church.  We turned this house upside down.  The baskets/box were missing.  All three of them.  I for the life of me cannot figure out what happened to them.  We sort of need our clothes.  I am hoping the little spirit in our home decides to return them soon.

The good news is we have mostly found a home for all of our stuff here.  The bad news is we still have a whole house full, and still some of my in-law's basement full of stuff.  Where on earth does it come from?  Probably the ghosts.

And for anyone who says they don't want kids... I think they are crazy.  Kids always seem to say just the right thing at the right time.  Moving and selling a house has not been easy on any of us.  The other day I had a mini breakdown.  Keith saw tears on my face.  He ran over, wrapped his chubby little arms around my neck and said "Mommy, don't cry!  Jesus loves you."  Tears were instantly replaced with a smile.  He truly is a gift.  They both are. 

Now if only I could find that mind of mine...


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