The Movie Disaster of 2010

Yesterday was a momentous day.

We took Keith to the theater for the first time.

We planned everything out very carefully.  The time, the show, the seats.  It was a perfect set up.

We were so excited for him.

The movie started.  3D Toy Story.  Perfect, right?

For some reason Keith can sit through several movies in a row at home (don't ask how I know this.  Just don't ask.) but one movie in a theater was evidently too much for him.

We will try again in a year.
But we enjoyed it.  Talking toys.  Whats not to love?

Still not quite moved in.  It may be a never ending process.  Right when I think we have things put right, more stuff arrives.  But I have been learning playing with my kids is more important anyhow.  Keith and I learned all about the letter A and what sounds it makes last week.  Today we will be learning about the letter D.  Apparently that is his favorite letter.  Who knew?  If we ever ask him "what letter makes the ___ sound?" he always answers with "The letter D!" 

Faye is monsterously huge.  Seriously, I can't figure out how she has grown so much.  She was so tiny right before I blinked.  Now she is pulling herself up, walking along the edges of tables, and even standing up a little on her own.  And she is so tall!  When did all this happen?

I have to admit, though.  I do love the new word she has learned. 


When she is crying she no longer cries "Mamma," she now cries "Dadda" and her daddy comes running.  Works out great, I think.


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