Friday, July 30, 2010

Mom VS TV: The Ultimate Showdown.

I want to be a good mother.

I think that is a deep desire of most mothers.

And so, yesterday I decided the television would indeed not babysit my children.  I think of the times of Anne Shirly and the children knew how to entertain themselves. I think that was a good skill kids are losing out of in this day and age.  So television was not to be watched.  And then the mayhem began.

Faye found a charcol pencil on the floor and wondered how it would taste.
Keith insisted on helping her find things to put in her mouth.  I needed to focus a little more, so I put Faye to bed.  Keith and I went outside and drew pictures on the sidewalk then we decided to tackle the highly neglected kitchen.  I began cleaning.
Moments later I hear Faye screaming.  She had been asleep for maybe half an hour.  I looked around and saw I was alone.

I warily entered Faye's room to see her standing in her bed with Keith reaching over the edge whapping at her with his bear.  Not hitting her, but he certainly woke her up!

So then I had Faye screaming in my arms because she wasn't through napping, and Keith clinging to my arm sobbing to wear his winter coat.  Because he likes it and is somehow cold in this 99 degree weather.

And I am so tempted to give in, let Keith veg in front of the television while Faye goes back to sleep and I clean the kitchen.

But then Keith went to his room and fell asleep on his bed.  I fed Faye and she was able to her play in her high chair while I cleaned up.  And I felt pretty good about myself.  I did not give in.  Nor did I finish the kitchen yesterday, but I did not give in, and that is what matters.

Mom: 01

At least until after Jeffrey was home and it was time to start dinner.

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Em said...

We have been off of our tv rocker and by that I mean it has gotten out of hand in the mornings again. I go from validating myself to thinking I'm horrible. All I can say is the minute the "people" said two hours is ok it became some limit we had to hit everyday. Lol