A Minor Detail I Forgot to Mention

By the way.  

We moved.  

Out of Jeffrey's parent's house.

A few months ago our friend told us he had signed up for deployment.  He figured he had no girlfriend, and nothing to keep him here, so going over seas and making a boatload of money sounded like a good idea to him.  He just had one problem.

He had just bought a house.  He didn't want to leave it vacant for a year.  But more than that, he has an adorable little kitten who he couldn't bear to leave alone in his cute little house for a year.  So he asked us to kitty-sit.  In the kitty's house.

Which brought about our move last week.  We are now in our friend's house, getting situated.  We are pretty much in love with this place (aside from that ever annoying ghost).  It is on a quiet street, and our next door neighbor has a little boy just Keith's age.  Uber excited for him to have a built in friend.  Keith and Faye get their own rooms.  Yes, Faye has finally graduated to her own room and I couldn't be happier.  Granted, since we moved out of our house in February she nearly always wakes up in the night.  Twice.  Once around 1:00 and then again around 5:30 or 6:00.  But I don't mind so much, because that is nothing compared to what most mothers have to go through.  And Faye's closet doubles as my craft room.  I have never had a craft room before.  I have never really had a need for one, so a closet is just fine for now.

We are absolutely in love with our ward.  So much so that when our friend gets back, I want to find a house that is still in the ward boundaries.  They are that great.

That is basically all that is new.  We are still waiting around for someone to see how great our little place is and snatch it up.  I especially can't wait, because I want my pictures here on the walls.  I want my rug and curtains and pillows for the couches.  I want it to look and feel more like my place even though it is just for a year.  Besides, our bachelor friend wants us to make it feel homey.  Hopefully soon.

And here is a picture of Faye.  I have really had a hard time getting her to smile for the camera.  Until today.  She was cheesing it big time.  I think she gets that tendency from her brother.  Both big fans of the cheese.  And don't mind her messy mouth.  She was eating.  Which is probably why I was graced with such adorable faces.
And now for her kissy face.  Doesn't it just make you want to squeeze and gush those cheeks? 


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