"I'm Melting, Oh What A World..."

 I love the summer, but enough all ready!

In a week or so I will think differently, but right now I am done with it.  I am no longer amused.

But actually, it is all so very funny and ironic.

Because we do not have air conditioning in our house or in our car.  And have you been outside lately?  It is pretty darn hot.  Well, actually that is a lie.  Not about the heat.  I don't think I ever said a truer word than the H-O-T word.  But I lied about the air conditioning.  We do have AC in the house, we just don't have insulation right now, so if we use the AC it will be like tossing a bunch of twenties to the sky. Hopefully by this time next week I will not look like a puddle.  But as it is, I get all I can done in the morning, and then slowly melt in the afternoon.  And so we look for ways to get out.  Because the thermostat looks like this

And that is too hot for the inside of a house.

But the funny thing is I don't mind the heat in the car.  I am actually fine if we don't get the AC fixed there.  I like being outside with it this hot.  But inside is a completely different and not so happy story.  Because by the end of the day, I end up looking like this.

And no one wants to see me like that.  The Wicked Witch of the West could never have melted so gracefully.  Besides, what 28 year old woman is still breaking out like she just turned 13?  It is the heat, I tell you.

And so Keith and I anxiously watch the leaves.  Because one can only answer the question "Is it October yet?  When is Halloween?" so often.  For some reason we always get anxious for Fall about this time.  It isn't because we are tired of the heat (again, love it, just not in my house) it is because as soon as New Years Eve ends Keith and I are ready for October again.  Because that is the month when it all happens.  And so the trees are watched, and the days are counted, and we eagerly await the come of spooks and birthdays and pumpkins.

And that is what is getting me through this heat wave.  And otter pops.  And lemonade.  And lots and lots of water to drink and cold showers.  But mostly the thought of October.


Em said…
Life is easily managed with air conditioning, no matter the price. Please go get some. Although if you've made it to august without it you'll prob be ok, but next year get one.

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