The Good news The Bad news and the Cuties

Do you want the good news, or the bad news first?  Together?  Okay.

Good news:  Autumn is starting to peek around the corner.  We went to the Nature Center today and it was bliss.  The tall grasses just made me happy.  But we didn't see much as there wasn't enough time.  As I was driving home (in my car with no AC) with the windows down, I felt the hot sun, but for just a moment, I felt that coolness of air that always accompanies Autumn.  Makes me happy.
Bad news:  Keith is sick.  He has had a fever borderline 103 since yesterday.  And yet he is still so good and patient, and wonderful.  I ask him if he hurts and he says no.  He is just cold.  And he just wants to rest.  And maybe drink a little.  He is thirsty. 

Good news:  We are no longer selling our house.  We found some renters, and we are really excited about them.  Girls who will hopefully keep the house in better shape and cleaner than the boys who lived there ever did.  I don't know what it is about boys, but they are just gross!

Bad news:  Yesterday as we were cleaning up after the boys who had lived there (again can I say- boys. are. gross.) we discovered a discoloration on the wall.  We tore out the cabinet blocking that wall and found all sorts of wonderful surprises in the form of the fungus family.  We then learned that whoever installed a faucet on the outside of the house did it wrong, which made the pipe break and we have had a constant leak for who knows how long.  Thus resulting in a mandatory remodel of the basement kitchen.  And possibly the upstairs as well.  Lovely mold growing up the walls is not something I want to let people live with.  And the renters are moving in August 1.  Not a lot of time to remodel the whole kitchen!

Bad news:  Since we forgot to leave lights on in our house, we learned that there has been a prowler.  A ladder is lined up against our fence for hopping, and a man with a flashlight and a dark trench coat has been frequenting our yard for the past weekish.

Good news:  We have wonderful neighbors who are doing an awesome job watching our house and street and called the police who are now patrolling the area more frequently.  Also, the neighbors are patrolling more.  Seriously, awesome neighbors!

Good news:  Last night Jeffrey and I were talking about how it seems we have been in the midst of a storm since September two years ago.  Just one huge trial after another and we can scarcely breathe from it all.  I said that sometimes it feels like our prayers are not being heard.  Jeffrey was surprised to hear me say that and said "You don't really believe that, do you?"  I had to admit that I do not believe that, but it is hard not having prayers immediately answered.  And then I realized we could be praying for the wrong things, which is why our prayers don't seem to be answered.  I decided to go do a little more scripture study.  I opened up to Mosiah 23 &24 and read peace to my soul.  I learned that sometimes we are just tried until we can prove our patience and faith.  And just re-learning that has given me so much peace.  Now, I just have to prove my patience and faith.  Easier said than done, I know, but at least I know my prayers are heard and answered!
So, despite the storm that seems to be so constant, there are always little glimpses of sunlight that can carry me through.  Little pieces of good news, and lots and lots of tender mercies which will buoy me up through the storm of life.  Because let's be honest, the storms never really stop as long as we are living, right?


Em said…
Please fall, hurry up and get august over with. Like I've said in the past I vote to skip august. All in favor say "eye".

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