Stop and Smell The... Rocks?

As we were going for our nightly post dinner pre bath time/bedtime stroll, I began some serious reflection.  I came to the conclusion, I am loving being me right now.  So many times in my life I have looked up to other people and tried to be them.

Doesn't quite work.

But tonight, I realized that though some of the things I do are actually ideas I get from other women, I am not trying to be anyone else right now.  I wouldn't want to anyway.

I have also decided evening walks are the best.  Especially if you need to get to know your surroundings.

This neighborhood rocks.  Seriously.  I am greeted by so many people working in their yards.  Elderly couples sit in their front yard on lawn chairs and watch the evening wan away.  Smiles and good will abound.  I haven't known a neighborhood like that since I was a kid.

Again, I have got to find a house in this area when we return this house to its owner.

Sometimes stepping out my front door I feel like Dorothy stepping out of her house into the colorful Munchkin Land, only I step into 1950.  Beautiful lawns, huge trees, and the flowers.  I love looking at the flowers on my nightly stroll.  I love closing my eyes and smelling the bushes, and freshly cut grass and the barbecues.
As we were returning home tonight, I said "Keith, look at those beautiful roses."
"But Mom, look at those beautiful rocks!" was his quick reply.
You can tell he is all boy, can't you?


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