And Then It Was Gone, Like A Clap Of Thunder

The kids are in bed.  I am sitting on my couch contemplating exercise.


A smile graces my mouth.  Lots and lots of thunder.

A small pitter patter begins on the rooftop and the storm begins.

And the sky is still blue.  And the clouds are still white.  The storm must be coming from behind.

I rush around the house, throwing the windows open.  Wide open.  Inhaling the smell of steaming wet asphalt and grass and that special heaviness from the rain. 

Smelling and smiling. 

That is what I do in rain storms.

This is the first rain storm we have experienced in the new house.  We can officially be comfortable now.  It makes me oh so happy.  I don't know what it is about summer showers but I want to flee to the backyard and just dance.  Do you dance in the rain?  I still do.  I always have.  I hope it is something I never grow out of. 

And as quickly as it came, it is gone. In the time it took me to write this post, and take a few pictures it is gone.

But it sure made my day!


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