You Are A Prince

Sometimes things get so overwhelming you just need a vacation. 

But it isn't possible for us to take a vacation right now.

So I get to stay in the overwhelming mess.

See, our house house hasn't sold yet.

And we found out it flooded the other day.

Which I guess it is good it hasn't sold as I would hate for someone to buy the house and days later to find a problem like that.  I am not going to do that to anyone.  Luckily we found the problem and were able to fix it, but not until after the damage had been done.

For the past two days we have been at the house tearing up carpet, moving furniture, and trying to dry it out and get the smell out.

I am weary.  Not just tired but full on weary in my bones, in my spirit, in my hope. 

We need this house to sell.

And weary is not a feeling I enjoy feeling. 

Keith saw me sink into the chair and he heard the sigh.  He looked at  me and then a photo of me in my wedding dress and said "But Mommy, you are a prince."

And I laughed.  And just a little of the weariness left me.  Because he is absolutely right (almost).  I am a princess.  And though I have many things taxing me, and am nowhere near being finished with the house right now, I am a princess and I need to act more like it.  I need to smile more, and love more.  And darn it, I need to actually try to get ready for the day again.  I tend to put that off as I keep thinking I will go running, but never have time to do that, so... Jeffrey has been coming home to a stinky unwashed wife lately.  I tell you, stress does weird things to people.

So when I am buried under stress, I just need to remember I am a prince(ss) and my husband and children love me.


Gina said…
Feeling a little more like Cinderella right now? Hang in there! I am dreading putting our house on the market too.
You and me both...
Here's to better days ahead of you.
Susan Anderson said…
That Keith is a treasure!
(A bit of a prince himself...)

Noodle said…
bummer about the flood... That sucks!!! But yes you are a princess!!!
Anonymous said…
Awwww, your kiddos are brilliant.
Lisa Anne said…
So true. I try not to let the small things bother. The small things being those to which I have no control over!!
Chantel said…
I'm so sorry about the house. If you need to drop the kids off so you can work on it let me know. Alicey would love to play with Keith!!
Emmy said…
Okay I really think I want to go get dressed now... I am a stinky unwashed wife right now.

So sorry that your house flooded. I hope you can sell it soon.. that will be such a good day.

I love your new look by the way!
Oh my heck! Here I've been whining about my week :( You poor sweetie (((HUGS))) Just remember you are a princess!!!!
Familia Morales said…
What a sweet boy! Hopefully this will all be over soon for you. Hugs!
Anonymous said…
Amazing how kids remind us of the most important things in just the moment we need to hear them.
kids are always precious...
Good luck on your house sale...
Happy Saturday!

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