Friday, June 18, 2010

When Summer Finally Comes

Summer has come to our house.

Today we put on our shorts, went outside and reveled in the sunshine.

Books were read, painting was done, and best of all, homemade orange julius' were enjoyed by all.  We watered plants, imagined we were horses, fought dragons, and flew like Superman all around the yard.  For a little while we watched the bugs busily crawling around, and inspected the strawberry plants.  There is some fruit growing which has the promise of stained fingers and smiling mouths.

The sky has that intensity about it that draws even the most determined hermit out to bask in its light.  The blue of the sky is overpowering and the sun could warm even the coldest heart today. 

We all smell of sunscreen now, and have blue painted sticky fingers.  Our minds are full of stories of blundering ducks and house moving elephants.

When Keith wakes from his nap he will get to go with his grandmother to his cousin's house.  I expect him to come home very worn out, and very full of stories and laughter and a contented soul.  While he is gone, Jeffrey Faye and I will enjoy a quiet evening of homemade pizza and lemonade eaten on the back porch. 

This is what summer is about.  Popsicles, sprinklers, fruit, and hours spent under the sun.  And the best part is I get to experience it all over again!  Every day I am thankful I can stay home with my kids.  I know an office would break my heart while memories yet to be made beckon me.  I cannot wait to fill this whole summer with exceptional moments and days packed to the brim with activities.
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