What Ails Me

"Slow down, you move to fast."

These words have been coming to my mind a lot lately.  I feel as if I am Jim Nightshade on the Carousel of Age watching as life is spinning faster and faster around me.  My kids are growing up right in front of my eyes.  I feel like I am missing the precious moments with them.  It seemed Keith was a baby for a lot longer than Faye has been.  She is already growing up so fast.  I cannot believe how quickly she is changing and growing.

I have been getting stressed out.  I have been focusing on so many things at once, I haven't had time to really focus on anything.  As such, the rush factor and the stress factor have been prevalent in my mind.

And then during one particularly harrowing day, I had a thought come to mind.

Joy in the Journey.

I realized I am getting too frustrated and stressed over scribbles on the wall and spills under the table.  Dirt in the mouth, and food in the hair.  I am not enjoying it enough.

So I have deliberately been focusing on enjoying every second.

And then another thought came to mind.  "Stop Rushing."

I am not rushing for my little darlings to grow up, but I do rush for the end of the day when they are happily tucked in bed and dreaming their sweet innocent dreams.  Then I can have time to breathe.  Then I can have time to see my husband.  Then I can have time to regroup my strength and thoughts to start it all again the next day.

And then I remember the source of my greatest joy and happiness.  They are the reason I smile and laugh every day.   I am always happy when I go to bed at night, happy because I have them.

And so, I am doing my best to enjoy every second.  Make each moment count, and love it.

I am making myself a sign that says Joy in the Journey.  I am going to hang it up in my room where I can be reminded every morning to take a deep breath and find ways to not stress, but ways to enjoy every little second.


Gina said…
I feel the exact.same.way.
*Jess* said…
I love that song :) Feelin' Groovy! :)
Susan Anderson said…
Great idea! And I LOVE your new look. LOVE it!
Noodle said…
I've been trying that too... But some times I forget and upset at my little one running threw the sprinkler fully dressed, oh she came to my after wards and said she took her shoes off before she did it... sigh I love her even if I have to dress her 10 times in a day... But Then I remeber the joy of running threw the water and the thrill and joy and how can I get upset at her... Life is too short to control every second of there fun filled lives...
Trish said…
I love your new layout with your floating side bars! Fabulous! I hope you stress a little less. I feel stressed too plenty of the time and I only have one baby and he is perfect! So I don't know what I'll do when there is more than one baby around! Ahhh!
Em said…
love the lighting on your pics.

seriously, when the days are rough i try to remind myself that they'll be in school and teenagers that don't want me to hold them all of the time;-) before i know it.
Anonymous said…
Love it! Make sure you share the sign with us!
Emmy said…
Very very good reminder

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