Monday, June 21, 2010

These Precious Moments

Priorities are a hard thing to get straight sometimes.

Sometimes something seems important when it really is not.

And sometimes some things in our lives are more important at one point than they are at another point.

Needless priorities have been on my mind a lot of late.
And I realized, no matter how you toss the dice, my children and husband will always be at the top of my priority list.

Which means blogging has just been demoted.

I decided that as much as I like blogging, I love playing with the kiddos more.  There just doesn't seem to be enough time in the day to do both.

So I have turned my comments off.  I have never really blogged for comments anyway.  I will be checking other blogs a lot less.  But if I have commented on your blog, it means I will be reading it still, just possibly not as often {priorities, remember?}.  I need to simplify my life.  And I blog because I want to remember these precious moments. 

Like today.  Keithy and I went for a walk.  We bought groceries.  Then we walked over to the snow cone shack.  His first taste of a snow cone.  We got Tiger's Blood.  He loved the name more than the snow cone I think.  He only would eat it while it was hard as ice.  When it melted a little and got easier to eat, he didn't want anything more to do with it.  As we walked home, we watched the dragonflies gracefully soaring around.  We may or may not have become dragonflies as we glided down the street. 

Moments like this make me so happy to be a mother.  Not like yesterday.

Yesterday during the opening prayer of church he started screaming.  Jeffrey took him out into the hall.  As I listened to the speaker, and kept Faye quiet, the fire alarm went off.  It wasn't a loud noise, just a flashing light, and then a woman's voice saying "please proceed to the nearest exit in an orderly fashion."
Like good church goers, we didn't move from our seats.  Everyone just looked around, confused as to what to do.  The bishop turned it off and the meeting proceeded.   Shortly after, Faye was fussy.  I took her out into the hall where I saw Keith sitting on the ground pretending he was an ant, and Jeffrey sitting on the couch with noticeably less hair.  As soon as he saw me, he demanded a trade.  He said he wanted the sweet child.  I asked him what was wrong, and he shot an exasperated look in Keith's direction.

"That child of yours, climbed up onto the couch.  He said "Should I?" and then pulled the cover off the fire alarm.  I told him no.  I counted.  He pushed the button anyway.  I wasn't fast enough to get him off.  He is the one who set off the alarm."

I laughed.  Really, it is funny!  Jeffrey said perhaps in 15 years he will be able to laugh about it but not right now.  I have been trying to not let Keith see me laugh about it ever since.

And so we relish days like today which greatly make up for the mischief that all toddlers and preschoolers are bound to get into.

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