Sick today. 

Mothers are not supposed to be sick ever.

But I have never really been one to play by the rules.

And that was a blatant lie.  I don't even like to speed.  I hate cheating at games.  I always play by the rules.

So getting sick was very uncharacteristic of me.

My Jeffrey was an absolute doll.  He held me and stroked my hair after I emptied my stomach.  He stayed home from work to watch the kids so I could sleep.  He kept them quiet and only brought  Faye to me when she needed to eat. 

My mother in law was an angel.  But that is no different from normal.  She kept Keith occupied and Faye from eating things she is not supposed to.  That little girl of mine is so different from Keith.  He was so calm and content to be held.  Faye is into everything.  She does like to be held, but she also wants anything that is within reach.  There is always a clean spot on the floor where she sits.  Either because she ate everything within a three foot radius or we had to grab whatever item before she could get to it.  I guess she is a very effective carpet cleaner. 

I had my whole day planned out and was very sad that not one thing happened on my list.  But allowances have to be made.

Hopefully I will be better tomorrow.  Better physically, which would then enable me to be a better Mommy.


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