Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Real June Cleaver, Hard at Work

Every time I bake in the kitchen, I remember something Jeffrey said a while back.

"You really are June Cleaver, aren't you?"

Today I was lucky.  Keith was playing at his cousin's house and Faye was asleep.

 I am preparing for a bridal shower this weekend, so decided it was high time I started baking and getting some food ready for the big day. 

When Keith got home, I had a lot more cleaning up to do.

He lost his lunch all over the carpet.

While cleaning it up, I nearly lost my lunch.

I don't do well with vomit.

But I didn't lose it, and that is important.

He was fine the rest of the night.

But then again, he is a tough little guy.  He never complains about pain. 
When he went to bed I asked him how his tummy felt.  He didn't answer until I gave him options.

"Does it feel good, does it tickle, does it hurt, does it feel purple?"

"It hurts." he responded.

I don't know if it really does hurt him or if he was just saying that.

I hope he is fine all night and tomorrow when we wake up.

On a different note, I had to laugh today.

Keith used to chase the vacuum.  Faye chases the broom.  Sweeping the floor with her is a difficult thing to do, but I manage.  She sure is fascinated with that broom.  She makes me laugh.

Pictures tomorrow.

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