My Store Crush

I have a pretty intense love with Target.

Which is funny, because I refused to step foot in one for nearly five years after it graced my town with its presence.

Mainly because Target was built on my grandfather's dirt hills and fields that I would play in.  I was resentful.

Luckily, I got over my resentful feelings.

The first time I stepped into the store I was enamored.  And with every subsequent step I have fallen more and more in love.

But right now, my infatuation is based on something other than the great products and affordable prices. 

My crush is based solely on the people who shop there.

Every time I go to Target I am remotivated to lose weight.  I have more ganas to go running, I have more excitement to work my guts out. 


Because every other person in that store is toothpick thin.  They all look great!  I am the eyesore.  Seriously, I have not lost any baby weight at all.  None.  I am told it is because I am still nursing, and I will take any excuse I can get, but it doesn't make me like it.

So, I may just have to visit Target a few times a week just to get that inspiration.  That drive again.  Thank you Target!


Susan Anderson said…
I like Target, too, but I think mine must cater to a different crowd than yours, because I feel right at home there.


Gail said…
hmmmmm. Maybe I need to swing by for a bit of motivation too.....
Anonymous said…
i stopped nursing and gained 10 pounds...go figure.

and i love me some Target. it takes about 1/4 of the husband's paycheck every month! :)
Noodle said…
After my mom stoped working there I stoped going... I still do on ocasion but very rarely... How silly huh... I've been nursing or pregnate for all most 3 1/2 years I'll take that excuss for my extra weight... =)
You see that is why I shop at Walmart... I look like a SUPERMODEL compared to some of those customers ;) and I can go justify buying a big ole bag of Chicharones!
Cheeseboy said…
Having worked at Target, I know it really is a great store.

If you want to feel better about yourself, shop at Walmart. Sometimes when I am feeling down, I will shop at Walmart and I realize I don't have it that bad.
Em said…
i am so excited to shop there just b/c of their new carts. i think they're a year old now, but man they have great carts. they scream, "push me with joy!"

baby weight with the 2nd has been different for me, but i'm all about reminding myself that my body is doing AMAZING things right now. it's sustaining the life of a person. a real live person. and whatever weight it needs to do that at is FREAKING AWESOME!
Familia Morales said…
Huh. Guess I'll have to pay more attention when I go to Target. I do love that store!
Thankfully, Target is a day trip for me.. Otherwise, I'd be broker than I already am!

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