Friday, June 4, 2010

Life is Fleeting

We knew it was coming.

We have known for quite a while.

But somehow, no one is ever ready when it arrives.

Yesterday we got word that Grandpa Luscious passed away.

This weekend will be full of memories and family.

I always find it a little funny/sad that people are so distant until there is a funeral where they catch up.  I guess it is something to do with the realization that life is fragile.  I will be meeting some of Jeffrey's cousins this weekend.  I think I have only ever met a handful of them.

There really is nothing quite so humbling as a death to remind us of the fragility of life.

And so the cherishing of life is going to be intensified today.

Finger painting, cookie baking, and story reading are on the menu for today.  For dinner there will be pizza and watermelon, salad and sparkling lemonade. Bedtime will be full of stories and hugs, and then Jeffrey and I will have a long cuddle in front of a movie.

As of yesterday, I have two new mottos:  Joy in the Journey and Slow Down.  More on those tomorrow.
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