Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Day I Broke Up With Vista

When it rains, it pours.

I have always loved the rain, especially when accompanied by lightning and thunder.  Especially if the thunder is really loud and bone shuddering.  That is my favorite.  The only reason I like fireworks is for the loud bone shaking boom. 

We have had so many storms this Spring it hasn't felt like Spring.  We got snow the lastish week of May.   Not very Spring weather.  I don't think the temp has been in the nineties yet.  Very not typical for UT.

And just like this season, my little family has had more than our fair share of storms.  The most recent happened two nights ago.  Jeffrey asked if I would like to have Windows 7 installed on my computer.  As he set about saving my data he learned that Vista had somehow wiped two whole partitions on my computer.  The one that happened to be storing all of my family photos.  And when I say all, I mean all.  Our wedding photos, all the baby photos, everything.  Gone.

I have to say, I was prompted several times to make a hard copy, but since I don't really know how (Vista and I are not friends) I waited for Jeffrey to help me.  Not smart since he barely has time to breathe.

And so, since I was foolish and did not listen to my promptings, I am missing some great photos of my darling ones.  Heart broken, determined to never let that happen again, I am making a book out of my blog.

I have heard of people who lose everything to Blogger.  Who wake up one morning and for some mysterious reason their blog has been deleted.  I live in dread of that happening.  So, if anyone knows of a good blog to book company who wont charge an arm and a leg, and will do a good job, please let me know! 

Thank heavens for this little blog of mine and all the pictures I have on it.

Thank heavens.
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