Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bathroom Talk

I found this post as an un published draft.  It was written sometime last year.  Still, it made me laugh remembering this conversation.

When I was a teenager most of my friends were guys. I sometimes wondered if they were different when I was not around. What did they talk about? I am here to tell you now, there really is no mystery.

See, last night Jeffrey went out with the guys. I am friends with them as well, but they needed guy time. When he got home, all mystery was gone.

We were talking about the movie Rudy (which I had just watched while waiting up for him) and then our topic took a sudden turn.

"Why are there couches in womens bathrooms?"

I actually had to think about it for a minute. Why are there bathrooms in the ladies bathrooms?

"Well, some women need to nurse their babies, or they have really bad cramps and just need to sit for a minute, or even lay down without any interruption."

"Oh. I thought it was for social purposes. You know, women always go to the bathroom in large support groups. I thought it was so they could just sit and visit. A hot chocolate bar in the corner, peanuts and crackers on the counter. I never thought that was fair."

We then went on to discuss the differences between mens and womens bathrooms. At the state capitol the womens bathroom is beautiful! When you walk in there is a magnificent chandiler hanging. There are mirrors all around. Plush carpet, stylish and comfortable chairs around. And then there is another door. Upon passing through that door the actual bathrooms are found. I remember thinking the bathroom was just as beautiful as the rest of the building. And then I was told of the mens bathroom. I was told it looks like a janitor closet with a toilet thrown in. You could easily imagine yourself ducking under a labrynth of mops and brooms on your way to find the toilet. There is a light with a pull string to turn it on or off... now the person who told me about the bathroom is prone to exegerate, but it is a stark difference.


Gina said...

It's true! I used to be all ballsy and go into mens' bathrooms when I just couldn't bars or whatever. And they were always, always, always gross.

Lisa Anne said...

Where are their bathrooms with couches and peanuts? LOL I guess I don't frequent fancy enough places. LOL

Familia Morales said...

I used to go take naps on the couches in the women's bathroom when I worked as an early morning janitor.

Kaibee said...

Well, women like fancy things. Men, they can just do away with anything!

I have missed you. You don't visit anymore. I tagged you at my blog!

Do check it out! :)

Susan Anderson said...

Mens bathrooms are gross, regardless. Couches wouldn't even help.



Noodle said...

was it shem that told you about the bathrooms...Just a guess he likes to find his own truth in things =)

Emmy said...

Lol! Yep the guys just get the shaft. :)