As Requested

Yesterday I made the elixir of the Gods, otherwise known as Orange Julius.

Also known as my whisky in the summer.

And I was surprised by so many requests for the recipe.

Really, I generally make it up as I go.

Basically I eyeball everything.  I put some orange juice in the blender with a few handful ls of ice.  I dump in about a cup of milk, a teaspoon or more of vanilla flavoring, and sugar to taste.  Today I learned if you put in half table sugar and half powdered sugar and mix it together it makes it a little creamier.

Mix it to desired consistency.

Pour into a pretty glass (because it always tastes better in a pretty glass) and enjoy in the hot sun.  Ah, bliss!

*photo from google*


Gail said…
sounds fabulous! yummy!!
Susan Anderson said…
I love these, and I'm going to try to put one together very soon!

sweet and fun drink...
it looks cool in sight.
Kaibee said…
Love the recipe. Seems easy.

I have an award for you! :)
Familia Morales said…
I love orange julius! So good any time of the year.
Anonymous said…
These are so yum! We do this too!

We use 1/2 can of oj concentrate, 1 cup milk, 1 cup water, and a bunch of ice with a little sugar.

I will totally try the vanilla though! That sounds so good!
Anonymous said…
Sounds delicious! I would be tempted to add an egg... is that gross? Sounds so yummy to me!
Jenny said…
Sounds delicious!!!
Happy Belated Father's Day to Dads in your life.

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