To The Captain of The Chess Club

Dear Jeffrey,

Today you woke up just a little older.  Now we can go out and do the things grown ups do.  Because we are supposedly grownups.  I think we are succeeding in fooling the masses on that one.  Today we can play and dance and I may even learn chess, but only today.

Because today is your birthday.  And only on your birthday will I not argue about the rules of the game and the strategy.  I will try my hardest to play, and challenge you, the Chess Club President.

As a special gift to you from me, you have free reign to toot all you want.  In the bed, in the kitchen, anywhere at all.  I wont say a word.  I promise.  But only today.

And be prepared for the snog of your life when you get home from work.  It will be a good one.  And a long one.  And all this because you are the greatest thing that I have ever known.

You are my soul mate, and I am so glad I snagged you up before anyone else saw how perfectly wonderful you are.  I love you to the moon and back.  You have carved a place in my heart which will never be vacated again.

Happy Birthday Captain!




mub said…
How funny! It's Martijn's birthday too =D

Happy Birthday to Jeffrey!
Lara Neves said…
Awww, what a nice tribute. And nice gifts. :)

Happy birthday to Jeffrey!
Susan Anderson said…
Awwwww. I"m a sucker for love.

Trish said…
i love that part about the snog of his life...fabulous!
Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday!!!! Very cute post and I am sure he will appreciate the snog very, very much, but the tooting thing will make his month, I am sure. ;)
Em said…
not even on his birthday does sean get free tooting privledges!
Noodle said…
I love how we let the wonderful men in our lives break all the rules on there birthdays... Happy birthday Jeffery!!! Enjoy your best gift ever YOUR FAMILY!!!!
Anonymous said…
ha. You said snog...
I am envious of the love you have for your husband.
Emmy said…
Hope he has a wonderful birthday tooting all he wants :)
Happy b-day to your Jefferey!

From what I can gather you BOTH are very blessed to have each other :)

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