Monday, May 24, 2010

To The Captain of The Chess Club

Dear Jeffrey,

Today you woke up just a little older.  Now we can go out and do the things grown ups do.  Because we are supposedly grownups.  I think we are succeeding in fooling the masses on that one.  Today we can play and dance and I may even learn chess, but only today.

Because today is your birthday.  And only on your birthday will I not argue about the rules of the game and the strategy.  I will try my hardest to play, and challenge you, the Chess Club President.

As a special gift to you from me, you have free reign to toot all you want.  In the bed, in the kitchen, anywhere at all.  I wont say a word.  I promise.  But only today.

And be prepared for the snog of your life when you get home from work.  It will be a good one.  And a long one.  And all this because you are the greatest thing that I have ever known.

You are my soul mate, and I am so glad I snagged you up before anyone else saw how perfectly wonderful you are.  I love you to the moon and back.  You have carved a place in my heart which will never be vacated again.

Happy Birthday Captain!


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