To Amy

Time is but a sandwich
Its cream is like space
Now in the snack is my
Amy the bread of my 
soul and the mayo of
my heart.
The spinach of my destiny and the 
only hope to fill my hunger.

Love Jeffrey


This sounds like my husband who first declared his love for me by saying he loved me more than hot dogs... and I must understand how important that was as he LOVED hot dogs!
Gotta love a man who compares you to food!
Susan Anderson said…
Words to melt any girl's heart!

Chantel said…
Hey Jeffrey, Can you get Brian to blog?
Gail said…
So it's true that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach!

Love it!
CB said…
Well somebody is romantic!! Good going Jeffrey :D
alpinekleins said…
Ahhhh - sooo sweet!

Emmy said…
So sweet! And definitely from a man :)
Shannon said…
So sweet! Only a man would compare his sweeheart to a sandwich! I love it! ;)
The way to a man's heart...

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