Octopus Kisses

"I don't know."

She looked at me apologetically.

I sighed, but it was a sigh of relief and after chatting for a few more minutes, I took the kids and we headed home.

Faye had awakened Friday morning with what looked like octopus kisses all over her arms, legs and face.  Her trunk was completely clean, but there was hardly a spot of skin that didn't have the round suction cup looking things on it.  She hadn't slept well the night before either, so thinking it was some kind of an allergy, I took her in to see the doctor.

That is where I heard those words.  Faye's doctor had no idea what was eating up my baby.  She called another doctor into the room.  The other doctor had no idea as well.  I guess that is pretty common when it comes to baby rashes.  So many things can set them off and it is hard to pinpoint what exactly it was.

I just wanted the piece of mind that there was nothing to worry about.

I was so glad nothing was wrong with my little Faye.  Unfortunately I came down with a wicked cold.  Since when has a cold had power to wipe me out?  Never before in my life have colds bothered me much.  And then this year I get two, a month apart, and they both just knock me out.  Unbelievable.

At any rate, this week is looking good.  My cold is subsiding a bit, Faye is no longer making out with an octopus in her sleep, and Keith is ready to rumble.  Oh, and according to the weather man, it is supposed to be above 65 all week long!  Talk about a great week! 


Lara Neves said…
How strange! I am glad it was nothing to worry about.

Feel better!
Susan Anderson said…
You've had a rough winter! Time to open wide the windows and let the sunshine in!!


PS. It sounds like that may even be possible before long...!
Trish said…
"Octopus kisses"....you are awesome! A true libra through and through! My visiting teacher is one as well and for some reason I couldn't figure it out at first...probably because I was so mesmerized! Hope you all get better!
Noodle said…
Sammy gets strange rashes every now and then... We just watch her close and if she starts to get a fever we head streght to the doctors...About 12 hours latter she is rash free... But ever time it freaks me out... Ally has yet to have anything other than a mild diaper rash... But thats a cute name Octopus kisses... I'll have to remeber that... =)
Anonymous said…
I'm convinced there's strange stuff in the air this year, all over the country! I had a virus that gave me a cough for 3-4 months! The docs kept saying it was allergies, but I think it was a really really bad cold. Anyway, glad things are looking up for you, and that your little Faye is ok.
Em said…
4 or 5 times since brennan was 1 he has gotten a rash from shoulder to belly button after a cold. i was totally freaked out the first time, but the doc said a lot of times after a viral cold a rash will come. i gave him benedryl (he was older than faye tho), and a few days later it was gone. poor thing was itchy all over. i've never liked when they say "i don't know" tho.

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