Mother's Day Surprises.

Being a Mother is one of the best things that ever happened to me.  Seriously.  My husband and kids are the greatest.  They just love me and let me know it.  Faye had another major blow out at church  yesterday.  Her clothes, and car seat were all saturated.  Thank Heavens it happened at the end of the meetings or we would have been in real trouble.  It was just her way of saying "Happy Mother's Day, Mom."  Keith brought me a cookie from Nursery and then promptly ate it during Sacrament Meeting.  He was a purple sticky mess, but Jeffrey insisted I sit and listen to the meeting and he would take care of the purple tantruming monster.  It was so nice to actually hear what the speakers were saying! 

And even Mother Nature decided to add a bit of her grace to the day.  I went outside to finish the gift for my Mother in law
 (a memory jar)
and it was so nice and beautiful, I fell asleep under the blossoms of the apple tree.  But not before I got a picture.
The whole yard was full of the fragrance of apple blossoms.  I am sure that helped induce me into the sweet dream state I was in when Jeffrey awoke me to tell me my baby was ready to eat.

Jeffrey gave me the most beautiful antique rocker for Mother's Day.  I am so in love with it.  And so happy to have a rocker to rock my baby in.  Also, he gave me 2 tea cups, an apothecary jar and an antique salad dressing bottle.  I squealed.  He gives the best Mother's Day gifts ever.  Of course it doesn't hurt that we go shopping (to a thrift store of course) together and I point out which treasures I want.  But still, he got them and that made my day.  When we get to our new place (not for a few more months) I will post pictures.

And to seal the day, my little Faye was not to be outdone with gifts.  She was hinting of a surprise all day yesterday, and today I got it.

My little bitty is crawling!  Crawling, I tell you.  The days of putting her on a blanket are over, and yet I am thrilled with her progression and growth.  Still no rolling over, but I am not worried about that at all.  Keith didn't roll over until he was 7 months old.  Of course, he started crawling a week later and was walking a month later.  These silly kids of mine.  They are just perfect, and have given me the best Mother's Day ever!


Jenny said…
Oh wow - look at Faye go! Thank you for sharing these pictures and I'm glad you had a nice Mother's Day!
I am envious of that apple tree. I may just need to steal your picture of the blossoms!
tinahead81 said…
sounds like a wonderful mother's day!!

oh my, look at her go!! have fun!
Chantel said…
I'm glad you had a great day!!
Susan Anderson said…
Oh boy....the fun begins!

Laura said…
Sounds like a perfect mothers day! What a man you have, I think he's a keeper. :) And yay Faye on the crawling, so cute!
Noodle said…
oh my goodness look at her go... Ally is trying to crawl but its still easier to just roll to get what ever she wants... I'm glad you had a wonderful mothers day!!!
Noodle said…
oh my goodness look at her go... Ally is trying to crawl but its still easier to just roll to get what ever she wants... I'm glad you had a wonderful mothers day!!!
Trish said…
Happy Mothers day to you! You should venture back to the spirituality blog and see the surprise I made for everyone!
Wow, your babe likes to do things her own way I guess! Parker finally is rolling both ways now, refuses to sit up on his own still, and will push himself forward with his feet whether he is lying on his back or his tummy. It is pretty cute, isn't it? Seeing how they develop, and all differently!
Em said…
p.s. more info on memory jar.
Em said…
i love her pink bow. i love the tree. i pass one on our walk on the mornings we make it. her bum in the air, darling.
Anonymous said…
Wow, that seems like such a young age to start crawling. She is probably just trying to keep up with her brother.
Erin said…
Very, very cute. I'm glad you had such a nice Mother's Day!

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