The Memory Jar

As requested, here is a full description of the Memory Jar

A few weeks ago I was talking with my mother in law. She was telling me about the time her mother had cancer. The medications made her incredibly depressed and one day when they were talking, her mother could not remember a single accomplishment she had, or a good thing she had done.  As a result, my mother in law wrote her mother a letter.  It was full of things she loved about her mom, full of the accomplishments she had done in her life time, and how she was such a great mother.

The day I was speaking with my mother in law she had been having a bad day and was feeling a bit like her mother had all those years ago. I decided to do the same thing she had done for her mother, but for her.  But I didn't want to do it on just a piece of paper.  You have to make it pretty, right?   I bought a jar that made me smile, I cut out some paper and Mod Podged it to the top.  I was going to add a bow to it, but I just couldn't find one thin enough (and of course I put this off until the last minute so couldn't go to the store).  I got some of my scrap paper and cut out strips.  I then wrote things I have noticed and admired about her on the paper.  I also had talked to her other kids and had them do the same thing.  On Mother's Day we presented her with the jar.  She was thrilled!  All in all, I think it was quite successful.
I made a similar one for my mother.  As she opened it, she asked what it was.  I didn't know what to call it, and then my sister in law asked if it was a memory jar.  Good name for it, I thought.   I almost didn't want to give them away, I liked them so much.  But the smiles on our mothers' faces made the giving part by far the best part of Mother's Day.


Noodle said…
How cute!!! I have one like that with advice for being a mother from my baby shower... When I'm feeling less than adaquite as a mother I pull out a few strips and try and put them into action... Some are pretty funny. and others are very enlighting...
Susan Anderson said…
What a perfect gift! I am going to do one for my mom!

Anonymous said…
This is such a lovely idea! not just for moms either. I can imagine just how much this would mean to a daughter to! Thanks for the beautiful idea!
CB said…
Wow! That is really neat and would be a super special gift. Wonderful idea Amy!
Anonymous said…
I also think that this is great fun. :) You are tooo smart for us. :) Have a great weekend.

Happy Saturday!
Two Awards.
Cancer has a way of wiping a lot out of you, taking things from you. It was nice of her to remind of those accomplishments. It brings you back to the person you are.
Em said…
yay!!! thanks!

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