Thursday, May 27, 2010

Conquest of the Mormons

"Mommy, I want to kill some mormons," Keith said with complete sincerity.

We were at a family party and everyone gasped. I heard confused mutterings around me and smiled, because I alone hold the Rosetta Stone for Keith translations.  We are members of the LDS church, otherwise known as Mormons so it was especially odd for them to hear him say that.

It all started a few months ago.  I was at the house cleaning out the flower beds.  My dad threw a clump of dirt at me which had  a few worms in it.  I called Keith over and showed it to him.  We talked about how worms eat dirt and live in the dirt and flower beds.  We talked about fishing with worms.  And ever since then he has been talking about fishing with mormons.  Killing the mormons (he doesn't much care for bugs) and warning me not to eat any mormons. 

Sometimes little kids versions of words are just too funny!  But really, I blame our good friend Shem.  He taught Keith to say contraband last summer, and though he garbled it beyond recognition has loved saying it since then.

And then other things he says just melts the heart.  Tonight as I was putting him to bed, Keith gave me yet another involuntary smile.  I gave him a hug and asked "Who is my favorite little boy in the world?"
He stuck his chest out, and with his thumb pointed proudly and said "Me!"  He got an extra tight squeeze for that.  So proud to be my son.  I am so proud to be his mother.

And Faye, not to be out done by her brother started doing a new trick the other day.  She is now pulling herself up onto things.  It all started with the stool in the bathroom and will probably end with Mount Kilimanjaro.  Keith was never a climber.  I think Faye is.  Sigh.  I knew once she rolled over it would be downhill from there for my peace.  Oh, and yes, she is rolling over now.  Mostly only when no one is looking, though.  I have only witnessed it once, but have seen the result many many times.  But at least she isn't looking for world conquest yet, unlike that brother of hers.
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